Insurance for condos and water damage

Posted in Georgia Court of Appeals on October 19, 2020

In a case likely to resonate across the Georgia Condo world, the Court of Appeals reversed a summary judgment for a condo owner, and found that Condo law does not require an association “to obtain insurance related to water damage or water perils.” Drips Mainor, the Plaintiff, sued his condominium association for breach of contract… read more

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Property Damage Can Be Significant in a Truck Accident—Especially if it Happens 10 Times

Posted in truck accidents on October 13, 2020

James Bond 007 creator Ian Fleming said, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.” A business owner down in Kingsland, Georgia must think there’s some sort of enemy action against her because she can’t catch a break from bustling traffic that goes by—and sometimes THROUGH—her home furnishings store. That’s right, through…. read more

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Does Georgia Permit Direct Actions Against a Trucking Company’s Insurance Carrier?

Posted in truck accident on October 8, 2020

Does Georgia Permit Direct Actions Against a Trucking Company’s Insurance Carrier? This was the question in a recent appeal, and the answer is “it depends.” The Georgia Court of Appeals was asked whether Georgia law authorizes the direct actions of a car driver and her passenger against the insurer of an interstate motor carrier. One… read more

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Golfing for a Cause

Posted in Uncategorized on October 6, 2020

Our law firm was proud to help sponsor the cause at yesterday’s golf tournament benefiting The Salvation Army and Boys & Girls Club of America. We had a blast; miraculously, our team came in second place, only 1 stroke behind “the Human Highlight Film” Dominique Wilkins and his team!

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Can I Recover Punitive Damages in an 18-Wheeler Accident?

Posted in truck accident on October 1, 2020

Can I Recover Punitive Damages in 18-Wheeler Accident? The answer depends on the actions of the trucking company and its driver, and a recent case provides an explanation. In a case arising from a 2016 accident involving an accident victim (Plaintiff) who was driving a car and Yevgeny Garkusha who was driving a semi for… read more

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Are Trucking Companies Circumventing Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations?

Posted in truck accidents on September 28, 2020

The harder the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) attempts to clamp down on dangerous driving practices, the more trucking companies and drivers come up with ways around the new regulations. The FMCSA is part of the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT), which regulates commercial trucking companies and fleets throughout the United States. FMCSA’s mandate… read more

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How do I prove a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Posted in medical treatment on September 24, 2020

Whether it be in the movies or on various television talk shows, traumatic brain injuries in children and young adults and athletes has come to the forefront recently.  There have been lawsuits in the NFL and in school districts because the effects of a head injury last years after the injury actually occurs.  The focus… read more

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“Act of God” No Defense in Truck Killing Pedestrian Case

Posted in truck accident on September 14, 2020

A Georgia jury took 40 minutes to decide that an insurance company was responsible in a fatal truck-pedestrian personal injury lawsuit and awarded the victim’s family $21 million. The insurance company argued that the crash was an Act of God, and therefore, they weren’t legal (or financially) responsible. But U.S. District Court Judge Richard W…. read more

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Is a loft bed an “open and obvious condition”?

Posted in Georgia Court of Appeals on September 9, 2020

August 17, 2020 In the Court of Appeals of Georgia A20A1036. VALDOSTA STATE UNIVERSITY, et al. v. DAVIS. College is a time when many kids first encounter the responsibilities of adulthood. As this case shows, this is not always as easy as falling out of a bed. I’ll take the top bunk Davis, the Defendant,… read more

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Three Killed in Recent Tractor-Trailer on I-75 Accident Near Marietta

Posted in Car Accidents on September 3, 2020

Three people were killed recently when the car they were in was hit by a tractor-trailer on Interstate 75, just north of North Marietta Parkway. Marietta Police say that a 2009 Nissan Rogue was stopped in the center lane of I-75 northbound just before 6AM when it was struck by a tractor-trailer. The truck driver… read more

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