What harm does a person whose personal information was stolen have to show to proceed with a claim?

Posted in Georgia Supreme Court decisions on January 17, 2020

Collins et al v Athens Orthopedic Clinic, P.A. (S19G0007), Data breaches seem to occur on an almost daily basis, with hundreds, thousands, or millions of individual’s personal information becoming available for identity theft. In December 2019, the Georgia Supreme Court gave some definition to the landscape of data breach claims for potential plaintiffs in Georgia,… read more

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What is there to know about medical payments coverage?

Posted in Car Accidents on January 9, 2020

What exactly is medical payments coverage? Under Georgia law, medical payments (“med pay”) coverage is defined as “any coverage in which the insurer agrees to reimburse the insured and others for reasonable and necessary medical expenses and funeral expenses incurred as a result of bodily injury or death caused by a motor vehicle accident, without… read more

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Does my spouse get a piece of my settlement proceeds from a personal injury case if I get divorced?

Posted in divorce and personal injury on January 8, 2020

Should I hire an attorney if I am in the middle of a divorce and get injured in an accident caused by another person or business? Accidents happen to folks going through divorce. What if a spouse gets injured due to the fault of a third party, files a personal injury lawsuit, and receives a… read more

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