Spoliation: What Happens if a Truck Company Erases a Driver’s Tracking Data After an Accident?

Posted in Georgia Court of Appeals,truck accidents on November 29, 2021

What Happens if a Truck Company Erases a Driver’s Tracking Data After an Accident? “Spoliation” refers to the destruction or failure to preserve evidence that’s necessary to a possible or pending lawsuit. If a court determines that spoliation has occurred, the judge can impose a penalty on that party. After a truck accident, your personal… read more

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Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Personal Injury in Georgia

Posted in medical treatment on November 23, 2021

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is damage caused by a jolt or blow to the head. The most common causes can be motorcycle or car accidents, falls, assaults, and sports injuries. While minor crashes can result in concussions, a severe injury can cause permanent brain damage. If you are a resident of Georgia and suffered a… read more

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Removal jurisdiction permits a defendant to transfer a case from state court to federal court.

Posted in truck accident on November 15, 2021

Usually, when you file a lawsuit, you file the lawsuit in the county where the defendant driver lives.  But not always. Where you file and who you name can be nuanced.  Having a knowledgeable and experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer who studies the law does make a real difference. Do you File a Truck Accident… read more

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Who is responsible for the Astroworld Tragedy?

Posted in Personal injury on November 12, 2021

Who’s Responsible for the Astroworld Tragedy? On November 5th, nine people died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Music Festival in Houston when an unruly crowd surge trampled a number of concertgoers and left others struggling to breathe or emotionally devastated from the carnage. Some of the 50,000 audience members described the incident as a “death trap.”… read more

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Must an Accident Victim Provide Cell Phone Data to Show She Wasn’t Driving Distracted?

Posted in Car Accidents on November 4, 2021

Hiring a trusted Atlanta personal injury lawyer Atlanta residents trust is more critical than most people understand.  A really good Atlanta personal injury lawyer is going to know how to attack and defend in a case. Here’s a recent example that highlights what we mean. A trucking company recently asked a Georgia federal court to… read more

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Georgia Mom Puts Out Plea to Truck Drivers

Posted in truck accident on October 28, 2021

A Georgia mother of three, Leslie Myers told WRCB-TV recently that she was on her way home one afternoon last week and had just picked up two of her children who were seated in the backseat when she crashed unexpectedly. On October 25th, Myers said her 14-year-old who normally sits in the passenger seat was… read more

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Drunk Driving, Truck Accidents, and Intervening Causes

Posted in medical treatment,punitive damages,truck accidents on October 26, 2021

Is a Drunk Driver’s Actions an Intervening Cause? An intervening cause is an event that happens after a party’s improper or dangerous action and before the damage that could otherwise have been caused by the dangerous act. In effect, it “breaks the chain” of causation between the original act and the harm to the injured… read more

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Congratulations to Associate Attorney Campbell Walker for Passing the State Bar!

Posted in Uncategorized on October 22, 2021

Campbell Walker, the Firm’s newest lawyer, just learned he passed the Bar. Great work, Campbell!  

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Can A Truck Accident Victim Sue for Lost Profits, Punitive Damages, and Bad Faith Attorney’s Fees?

Posted in Car Accidents,truck accident on October 19, 2021

We often are asked: “What am I able to win in my truck accident case?”  In a recent case, a truck driver and his trucking company asked a Georgia court to dismiss the case against them for the plaintiffs’ claims for lost profits, punitive damages, bad faith attorney’s fees, and negligence per se. The Details… read more

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FMCSA Says States Must Revoke CDLs for Drug and Alcohol Violations

Posted in truck accident on October 11, 2021

FMCSA Says States Must Revoke CDLs for Drug and Alcohol Violations The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will require states to crack down on commercial motor vehicle drivers with alcohol and drug violations. This effort will officially close a “knowledge gap” in federal drug and alcohol program requirements. The new rule goes into effect… read more

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