What Constitutes a Counteroffer by an Insurance Company in a Car-Motorcycle Accident Settlement?

Posted in Car Accidents on August 9, 2022

We’ve negotiated cases with almost every insurance company out there. (We’ve also beaten many of them in court.) One common thing we see in every case is whether we should settle or go to trial. Settling doesn’t just involve accepting the money in exchange for a release; it includes numerous terms that need to be… read more

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Does a Boat Count as a “Motor Vehicle” in Georgia?

Posted in boat accident on August 5, 2022

Boating is fun. It also can be dangerous. We sometimes get calls from people who suffer pretty gruesome injuries on Lake Lanier during the holidays.  One of the questions we have had to answer is, “does a boat count as a vehicle in Georgia”? A lawsuit stemming from a boat accident questioned coverage under underinsured/uninsured… read more

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Does My Attorney Have the Authority to Accept a Settlement?

Posted in Georgia Court of Appeals on July 25, 2022

The Georgia Court of Appeals recently said an insurance company’s settlement agreement was enforceable where the attorney had apparent authority to enter into the agreement, and the attorney’s letter unconditionally accepted the insurer’s offer. A plaintiff was injured in a car accident and hired an attorney to assist with his personal injury claim. His lawyer… read more

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Can a Defendant Offer Evidence of the Plaintiff’s Failure to Use Seat Belts in a Car Accident?

Posted in Car Accidents on July 15, 2022

The Georgia General Assembly enacted § 40-8-76.1 in 1988—commonly known as Georgia’s seatbelt law— which requires each occupant of the front seat of a passenger vehicle to wear a seat belt while the vehicle is being operated on a public road, street, or highway, subject to exceptions laid out in Georgia Statute § 40-8-76.1(c). Among… read more

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Can an Intoxicated Pedestrian Recover if an Uber Driver Hits Her in the Middle of a Highway?

Posted in Personal injury on June 24, 2022

As Atlanta personal injury lawyers we regularly handle accidents involving Uber and Lyft drivers.  Our law firm represents both injured drivers who are hurt by Uber drivers who cause the crash as well as Uber drivers who are injured by other drivers.  In a recent personal injury case, the plaintiff appealed a trial court’s decision to… read more

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Is Expert Testimony Required in a Construction Site Accident?

Posted in expert testimony on June 20, 2022

In most lawsuits, you do not need to have an expert say what the at-fault person who committed the wrongdoing did wrong. However, in some situations like medical malpractice cases or legal malpractice cases you do need an expert. Our Georgia personal injury lawyers Georgia residents trust know which cases necessitate expert testimony and which… read more

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Can a Plaintiff Add More Defendants to Keep a Case out of Federal Court and in Georgia State Court?

Posted in slip and fall on June 14, 2022

Can a Plaintiff Add More Defendants to Keep a Case out of Federal Court and in Georgia State Court? Our Atlanta personal injury law firm handles all sorts of serious injury cases. We mostly focus on what we like to call “wheels cases” eg car, truck and motorcycle cases. However, we also handle product liability… read more

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When is Summary Judgment Appropriate in a Georgia Civil Lawsuit?

Posted in truck accidents on June 10, 2022

When is Summary Judgment Appropriate in a Georgia Negligence Action? Summary judgment is a final decision by a judge that resolves a lawsuit. A litigant is entitled to judgment when there’s no dispute about the facts. A motion for summary judgment is designed to eliminate the delay and expense of litigating an issue when there’s… read more

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Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Case in Georgia?

Posted in wrongful death in Georgia on May 31, 2022

Who Can Bring a Wrongful Death Case in Georgia? There are two types of claims that a surviving family can bring after someone in their family is killed: an “Estate Claim” and a “Wrongful Death Claim”.  Our law firm handles both claims. The Estate claim addresses any medical bills the person incurred before he died…. read more

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Can a Cellphone Expert and Cell Phone Evidence be Excluded in a Commercial Vehicle Accident Trial?

Posted in expert testimony on May 23, 2022

Holding your cell phone while driving is illegal in Georgia. In many of our cases, we find that drivers were holding and using their cell phones and that’s likely what caused the driver to lose focus on the road which resulted in the accident. Cell phone usage is important evidence. And it can go both… read more

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