Where Does Atlanta Rank in the List of Worst Truck Bottlenecks in the U.S.?

Posted in truck accident,truck accidents on April 15, 2021

Where Does Atlanta Rank in the List of Worst Semi Bottlenecks in the United States? The American Transportation Research Institute’s has just released its annual Top Truck Bottleneck List. The list looks at how intense semi truck congestion is in more than 300 spots on the U.S. highway system. The list is based on GPS… read more

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Alleged Impaired Georgia Truck Driver Causes Fatal Crash

Posted in truck accident on April 11, 2021

The family of Georgia high school principal Jaroy Stuckey is suing a number of insurance and trucking companies concerning a four-vehicle crash on I-16 in Bulloch County last month. The accident with a semi killed Dr. Stuckey, his pregnant wife, and their child on the afternoon of March 14th. Stuckey was well known in the… read more

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PTSD After an Accident: What to Expect and How to Cope

Posted in Car Accidents,medical treatment on April 9, 2021

When it comes to dealing with injury after an accident, there are two types of injuries to deal with.  Seen and unseen.  It is easy for doctors to look at a patient, see obvious injury and treat those injuries accordingly.  Treating the injuries that are not seen are not always straight forward and easy to… read more

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What Does the Term “Accident” Mean in an Auto Insurance Policy?

Posted in Car Accidents,truck accidents on April 2, 2021

What Does the Term “Accident” Mean in an Auto Insurance Policy? A good truck accident lawyer Atlanta residents turn to for advice should have answers to your questions. In an appeal from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals just announced a per curiam decision where… read more

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Georgia’s “Family Purpose” Doctrine

Posted in Car Accidents on March 30, 2021

Georgia’s “Family Purpose” Doctrine Car accidents happen every single day, all day. In Georgia, it is possible to be held responsible for an accident in which you are not directly involved under what Georgia calls the “Family Purpose” rule. The “Family Purpose” doctrine allows the owner of a vehicle to be held liable for damages… read more

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What Are the Requirements in Georgia for Semi Cargo Loads?

Posted in truck accident,truck accidents on March 22, 2021

We see them every day. Big trucks hauling stuff. It might be lumber, heavy equipment, cars, or even a house! This cargo being hauled by a semi can weigh tens of thousands of pounds. If loaded improperly, the cargo can fall off the truck and into the path of other motorists, causing a crash. It… read more

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Is a Trucking Industry Expert Permitted to Opine on the Cause of a Truck Crash?

Posted in truck accident on March 12, 2021

Sometimes expert testimony can play an important role in a truck accident case. To assist our experienced Atlanta truck accident lawyer at Tobin Injury Law with proving what happened that led to the collision, we often hire a trucking industry expert to render an opinion about exactly how the accident occurred and why it happened…. read more

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Can an Insurance Company Be Liable for Negligence under the Good Samaritan Doctrine in a Truck Accident?

Posted in Car Accidents,Georgia Supreme Court decisions,truck accident on March 4, 2021

In October 2008, James Maier was driving north on I-95 near Savannah when car problems forced him to pull off to the side of the road. He was standing in the emergency lane next to his car when a semi hit and killed him. The truck was driven by Faustino Jimenez, an employee of a… read more

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Wrongful Death Claim versus Estate Claim in Georgia

Posted in truck accidents,wrongful death on February 28, 2021

When a lawsuit is filed for actions that led to the death of a victim, a major question arises: Who files the suit? In all other cases, the victim is responsible for filing the suit, but in the case of death, this responsibility must pass to someone else. In Georgia, there are two types of… read more

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How Does Georgia Law Protect At-Risk Adults?

Posted in medical treatment on February 22, 2021

If someone you love is over the age of 18 but cannot care for themselves, you likely worry about their well-being. Elderly and disabled adults are at higher risk for abuse, neglect, and exploitation. While Georgia law protects such at-risk adults, as the number of elderly people continues to rise in our state the number… read more

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