Got Hit by a Car While Crossing the Street?

Posted in Uncategorized on March 25, 2020

How common are car-pedestrian accidents? According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 6,000 pedestrians died in crashes in the U.S. in 2017. That means one death every 88 minutes. Also, about 137,000 pedestrians were treated at the ER for injuries in 2017. Almost 50% of the crashes where a pedestrian was killed involved… read more

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Can you sue your personal trainer?

Posted in Georgia Supreme Court decisions on March 24, 2020

  Dutt v. Mannar and Company, LLC. (A19A2130) Court of Appeals of Georgia Decided March 13, 2020   Does a personal trainer have a duty to call 911 if, after a training session the trainee complains of chest pains? Whether or not the Plaintiff showed that that duty existed was the question on review on… read more

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Posted in Car Accidents on March 21, 2020

What is uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage? Every driver in Georgia is required to have minimum automobile liability insurance coverage when operating a car so that if a driver causes an accident and another driver is injured as a result, the at-fault driver’s automobile liability insurance policy would provide compensation to the injured driver up to… read more

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Our Law Firm is Open and Very Much Working For You!

Posted in Car Accidents on March 17, 2020

On behalf of everyone at the firm, we wanted to personally post this update to share with you  our law firm’s operations and response to the coronavirus pandemic in light of the state of emergency declared by governmental authorities, the closure of many businesses and other institutions, and the cancellation of schools, sporting events and… read more

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Poor Angry Dog Management Bites Defendant

Posted in Georgia Supreme Court decisions on March 2, 2020

Jones et al v. Beebe (A19A1982) Court of Appeals of Georgia decided February 18, 2020 Even in our modern time of Amazon Prime, dogs still bite mail carriers. Maybe the nearly cliche aspect of this scenario — so well known that it is a sitcom and comic strip trope — edged slightly in the minds… read more

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Family or not… get it in writing.

Posted in Georgia Supreme Court decisions on February 17, 2020

Floyd v. Chapman (A19A2137) Court of Appeals of Georgia January 16, 2020 Disputes about land transfers often involve families and the failure of individuals to make clear what is being given exactly because it is family. It is unsurprising that when transferring a piece of property to a stranger, one exercises a high level of… read more

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Things you may not want to do after a car accident.

Posted in Car Accidents on February 3, 2020

Is it okay to leave my car where it was at the time of the car accident? It depends. Generally, if you are not seriously injured and it is possible to move your car to the shoulder lane, emergency lane, median, or elsewhere safely, you are required to do so. See O.C.G.A. § 40-6-275 (“Duty… read more

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Slipping and Falling is Not Enough

Posted in slip and fall on February 3, 2020

What is Summary Judgment? The defendant in this case, an apartment management company, appealed the denial of its motion for summary judgment. Summary judgment is granted for the moving party when there is no genuine issue as to any material fact in the case, and based on this the moving party is entitled to judgment… read more

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What harm does a person whose personal information was stolen have to show to proceed with a claim?

Posted in Georgia Supreme Court decisions on January 17, 2020

Collins et al v Athens Orthopedic Clinic, P.A. (S19G0007), Data breaches seem to occur on an almost daily basis, with hundreds, thousands, or millions of individual’s personal information becoming available for identity theft. In December 2019, the Georgia Supreme Court gave some definition to the landscape of data breach claims for potential plaintiffs in Georgia,… read more

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What is there to know about medical payments coverage?

Posted in Car Accidents on January 9, 2020

What exactly is medical payments coverage? Under Georgia law, medical payments (“med pay”) coverage is defined as “any coverage in which the insurer agrees to reimburse the insured and others for reasonable and necessary medical expenses and funeral expenses incurred as a result of bodily injury or death caused by a motor vehicle accident, without… read more

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