Does a Truck Driver Have a Duty to a Person Who Jumps on His Trailer?

Posted in Georgia Supreme Court decisions,truck accidents on September 17, 2021

A federal court in Georgia examined whether the non-party truck driver had a duty to a plaintiff who ran after a semi and jumped onto the truck’s ICC bar. What is an ICC Bar? This is the reflector-taped metal bar hanging down on the end of a tractor-trailer. It’s also known as a “Mansfield bar.”… read more

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Is a County Liable When a Tree Falls in the Road and Kills a Motorcyclist?

Posted in Car Accidents,wrongful death on September 14, 2021

On the afternoon in November 2016, Clinton Giddens was riding his motorcycle on a road in Jones County when a pine tree located in the right-of-way fell and struck him. He died as a result of the accident. Ann Etheridge, Clinton’s mother, brought a wrongful death action against Jones County employees John Lowe and Donald… read more

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Was a Truck Driver “Working” When He Abandoned His Truck 80 Miles From His Destination and Caused an Accident?

Posted in truck accident,truck accidents on September 2, 2021

A man suffered injuries in a multi-vehicle collision that he said resulted from the negligence of a trucking company and its employee, a truck driver who ran on foot into traffic on I-75 North in Henry County—setting off a chain of events that culminated in the collision. The truck driver was employed by the trucking… read more

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Was an Atlanta Hotel Liable for a Guest’s Injury on a Wet Floor?

Posted in slip and fall on August 26, 2021

Plaintiff suffers injuries in lobby of the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta Hotel A recent premises liability case arose out of a fall that happened in the lobby of the Atlanta Marriott Alpharetta Hotel. Facts of the Case Dhruvkumar K. Pandya attended a wedding reception at the hotel with his family. Because it was raining “pretty heavily”… read more

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A Semi Driver Sues a Trucking Company, But Will He Succeed When He Was Potentially Also at Fault?

Posted in Georgia Court of Appeals,truck accidents on August 19, 2021

A lot of personal injury lawyers in Georgia hold themselves out as “trucking lawyers”. But what separates the trucking lawyers from the self-proclaimed ones is their depth of knowledge and experience in helping truck accident victims. A recent Georgia case arose from a big rig collision that injured a man working as a jockey truck… read more

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Georgia Supreme Court Clarifies Georgia’s Apportionment Statute

Posted in Georgia Supreme Court decisions on August 11, 2021

The Georgia Supreme Court handed down an opinion on Tuesday interpreting the state’s apportionment statute, OCGA § 51-12-33, holding that the plain language of the statute provides that damages assessed against a defendant may be reduced according to the percentages of fault allocated to all who contributed to the alleged injury or damages, including nonparties…. read more

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Georgia Court Okays Savannah Surgeon to Testify as Expert in Wal-Mart Injury Case

Posted in slip and fall on August 9, 2021

A federal court in Georgia recently heard a motion to exclude an expert in a premise liability personal injury case involving slippery floors at a Wal-Mart. After reviewing the federal rules, the court allowed the medical expert to testify in the case. Background A shopper was injured when she slipped and fell in December 2016… read more

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How Wide is a Wide Turn for a Truck?

Posted in truck accidents on August 2, 2021

Having a reputable truck accident lawyer who wins in court is so important. When many Georgians picture a trucking accident, they think of high-speed collisions, screeching hydraulic brakes, and pile-ups on the I-285, the I-75, or another highway around Atlanta. And while those accidents do frequently occur, other accidents at slower speeds often take place… read more

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How Does a Georgia Accident Victim Show a Truck Company’s Negligent Hiring, Qualifying, Retaining, Supervising, and Entrusting of a Truck Driver

Posted in Georgia Court of Appeals,Georgia Supreme Court decisions,truck accidents on July 21, 2021

A number of actions arose from a motor vehicle accident that happened on Interstate 95 in November 2017. That evening, Jennifer Correll (Mrs. Correll) was driving a 2006 Dodge Ram pickup south on I-95 through Glynn County. Jennifer’s mother, Nancy Tuk (Mrs. Tuk), was in the front passenger seat, and her daughters (Courtney and Caitlyn)… read more

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Why Did a Dump Truck Crash into a Fayetteville Antique Store?

Posted in truck accidents on July 20, 2021

Why Did a Dump Truck Crash into a Fayetteville Antique Store? The Fayetteville Police Department is trying to determine why a dump truck crashed into a closed antiques business off of Highway 85 on July 15th. Fayetteville Fire Chief Alan Jones said the call initially came in as a fire call, but upon arrival, firefighters… read more

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