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Atlanta Motorcycle Accident LawyersAbout 12% of all fatal traffic accidents in Georgia involve motorcycle riders. WTVM says that Atlanta ranks in the top 20 states for motorcycle fatalities. When a car collides with a motorcycle, it is the motorcyclist who suffers.

Motorcycle helmets save lives, but even riders who wear a helmet sometimes sustain traumatic brain injuries in motorcycle crashes. Helmets provide no protection against other common motorcycle injuries, including broken bones, burns, organ damage, joint injuries, and road rash.

Motorcyclists face unique challenges when they seek compensation for accident injuries. There is an inherent bias against motorcyclists. We know what techniques to use to overcome that bias. Our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer has years of experience successfully persuading Georgia juries and insurance companies to return fair verdicts and fair settlements in favor of injured motorcycle riders.

Who Is Legally Responsible for Motorcycle Accidents?

The insurance industry maintains that most motorcycle accidents are the fault of the motorcycle rider. Insurance companies count single-vehicle accidents to arrive at that statistic. However, statistics prove that when a motorcycle collides with a car, the car driver is usually at fault.

Even when a motorcycle crashes without colliding with another vehicle, statistics do not tell the whole story. If a motorcyclist loses control while swerving to avoid a car that turned in front of the motorcycle, the car’s driver was at fault. The same is true when a motorcyclist rides into a ditch to avoid a car that is changing lanes. When the car’s driver can be identified, the driver can be held responsible for those accidents, even though insurance industry statistics record the crashes as the motorcyclist’s fault.

Negligence means carelessness. At Tobin Injury Law, our Atlanta personal injury lawyers hold car drivers responsible when their negligence causes injury to a motorcyclist. The leading cause of a collision between a motorcycle and a car is the driver’s negligent failure to yield to an oncoming motorcycle when the driver turns left.

Violating a traffic safety law, such as failing to yield, is always negligent. Other examples of negligent driving include looking at a smartphone instead of watching the road, changing lanes without checking to see whether a motorcycle is in the car’s blind spot, and backing out of a parking spot and into the path of an oncoming motorcycle. Georgia’s Hands-Free Law which became effective on July 1, 2018, prohibits drivers from having a phone in their hand while driving and from writing, reading, or sending text messages, e-mails, and social media content while driving.

How Does Tobin Injury Law Prove Fault in a Motorcycle Accident Trial?

Only 2% of Georgia’s registered vehicles are motorcycles. The percentage is even smaller in Fulton County. The odds are good that no motorcycle riders will be on the jury in a motorcycle accident trial.

We know that drivers have a prejudice against motorcycle riders. Some drivers see motorcyclists as thugs or simply irresponsible. Even jurors who do not share that stereotype are likely to sympathize with drivers rather than motorcyclists because they have never ridden a motorcycle.

As Atlanta motorcycle injury lawyers, our job is to make jurors understand that our clients are ordinary people and deserve the same protections afforded to all drivers.  People ride motorcycles for the enjoyment of the open road or because motorcycles are less expensive to operate than cars. It really doesn’t matter why someone chooses to ride; it’s his choice and that choice should be respected.

Our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer does research with focus groups cases so that we can determine the best way to showcase our client. We prepare our clients and other witnesses to testify in a way that helps jurors see our clients as people, not as stereotypes.

We also make jurors see accidents from the motorcyclist’s perspective. While many jurors will automatically assume that a motorcyclist was at fault in a collision, we use our ability as seasoned trial advocates to make jurors understand that the accident was caused by a negligent driver, not by our client.

What Does Tobin Injury Law Do for Injured Motorcyclists?

We help motorcycle accident victims in Atlanta and across Georgia rebuild their lives. Our goal is to help our clients obtain the compensation they need to pay hospital bills and doctor bills, to pay for future accident-related healthcare, and to replace their past and future wage loss.

Many motorcycle injuries are disabling. To rebuild a life, a disabled injury victim may need compensation to pay for wheelchairs and accessible vans, caretakers, health aides, therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and the other costs that are necessary to cope with a disability.

Motorcycle injuries lead to depression, stress, and loss of the ability to enjoy life. Rebuilding a life requires compensation to improve the quality of life. We help clients get the compensation they need to live their best lives.

When a motorcycle accident is fatal, our Atlanta wrongful death lawyers obtain compensation for surviving spouses, and children. Georgia law entitles families to recover the full value of the life of a loved one who dies as the result of another person’s negligence, and we make sure that happens.

Our Atlanta motorcycle injury attorneys use knowledge, skill, and trial experience to obtain fair settlements for accident victims. When insurance companies refuse to be reasonable, we are not afraid to take cases to trial. Our reputation for success has resulted in many seven-figure settlements for riders we have helped.

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The priority should be to get to the hospital. Only then should you think about a lawyer. Your health always comes first. After you get medical care, then call an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer for advice.

Our Atlanta motorcycle injury law firm is available 24/7 to answer your questions. You can contact our Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer by calling 404-JUSTICE (404-587-8423), emailing us at, or using our convenient online contact form. We never charge a fee until we win the case.