Charitable Giving

In keeping with our law firm’s principles, every year we donate a portion of our law firm’s profits to charities both domestically and abroad. Our law firm believes it is our social responsibility to financially support nonprofit and charitable organizations.

The Hebrew word tzedakah means “justice” or “righteousness”, and is most commonly associated with charitable giving. The mitzvah of donating to charity is a core principle here at our law firm, and in the six+ years since opening our doors, we have donated over $300,000 to charity.

In 2018, we donated $100,000 to three organizations: $33,334 to the Against Malaria Foundation which bought thousands of insecticidal mosquito-fighting nets to protect families from malaria, $33,334 to Evidence Action’s “Deworm the World Initiative” which paid for thousands of deworming medication tables to help children suffering from parasites, and $33,334 to GiveDirectly which helped extremely low-income families afford basic necessities.

For so long as our law firm continues winning verdicts and settlements for our clients and their families, our law firm will continue to donate a portion of our law firm’s profits to nonprofit and charitable organizations here in Georgia and in countries overseas.