For most, success is evaluated by the bottom-line results.  And our results speak for themselves.

At Tobin Injury Law, we have secured millions of dollars through verdicts and settlements for the families we have helped.  Beyond our bottom-line results, we evaluate ourselves by what our clients say about us.  We invite you to read the five-star reviews that our clients, colleagues, and courtroom adversaries have shared.

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Below are just a few of the many five-star reviews our happy clients have shared.

“Because of them, I regained my life.”

Eric T., In-House Review

“A team of professionals who put my children, my wife, and me first, this group of lawyers and paralegals is second to none. We geared up for trial and were ready for the fight that awaited. When Allstate and State Farm failed to do the right thing, Darren and Daesik forced them to pony up and pay. On behalf of my family, thank you most deeply.”

Derek V., In-House Review

“Having had other lawyers before hiring Darren, I can honestly say Darren is one of a kind. Darren treats you like family. He says he returns calls; he does. He says he fights hard; he does. He says he treats his clients like family; he does. He does what he says he’ll do, and he delivers exceptional results. Without hesitation, I will, and already have, recommended Darren to my friends and family as a lawyer they need to hire.”

Shaun S., In-House Review

“Killers in the court and kittens in the office. Darren, Daesik, Devin and Cheryl treated me like family.”

Niki B., In-House Review

“On behalf of my children, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for winning. We are in much appreciation to your law firm for the time you spent representing us in our shooting case. We know it took you a long time to get the justice we needed and we so appreciate you and your people.”

Gail P., In-House Review

“My wife had a car accident last year. She was hospitalized for one week, as one of her arms was broken. My wife and I feel very fortunate that attorney Darren Tobin with Tobin Injury Law was willing to fight the case for us. During the whole injury claim process, he guided us. We didn’t have to worry about anything, Darren is very friendly, intelligent, dedicated, and professional. Darren fought for us in court. My wife and I are very satisfied with the final result. We are deeply impressed with the high quality and professional services provided by Tobin Injury Law. Thank you so much, Darren!”

Ryan J., In-House Review

“I feel so fortunate to have had Darren Tobin as my attorney. I was in a bad car accident and it was such a relief to be able to rely on him as I dealt with the physical stresses of my slow recovery. Darren was a pleasure to work with – a great personality and he is someone you know is in your corner working for your best interests. He visited me in the hospital immediately after my accident and has been very accessible ever since.”

Jessica B., In-House Review


Reah P., In-House Review

“When he told me he would do something, he did exactly that.  When I texted him on the weekends and late at night, he responded. I don’t know if any other lawyer is as dedicated and kind as Darren. He is a respectful man and I consider him a friend.”

David M., In-House Review

“I was scared and didn’t know who to hire. I knew that the lawyers on tv and on the highway billboards were call centers and I knew I needed a REAL TRIAL LAWYER who actually filed lawsuits. Darren met with me and I immediately knew he was the real deal.  Two years later we went to court and we won a jury verdict.  The justice was real and Darren proved he was the real deal.”

Valerie T., In-House Review

“He is the benchmark for what a lawyer should aspire to be.”

Matt W., In-House Review

“You helped me put my life back together. For years I went for surgeries and physical therapy to recover from my injuries. You walked with me every step of the way until I was ready to walk on my own. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your friendship, and your fight on my behalf.”

Elizabeth A., In-House Review

”Darren was unbelievable. When I was deciding who to hire for my truck accident, I spoke with 5 lawyers. When I met with Darren, I KNEW he was the best lawyer for my case. His team outworked the defense lawyers and managed to win for me a lot of money. Darren was ready for trial but we settled and I am very happy. I give him and his team A+ all around. I will refer everyone to him!”

Sean S., AVVO

“Our son was injured in a serious car accident and we found Darren Tobin by searching local attorneys. We called and left a message of his injury with his assistant and Darren called us back within a short time. He took time to talk to us while he was on vacation with his family and gave us information we needed even before we hired him. He treated all of us like a member of his family and helped us through the process. He kept us updated throughout the process and we were pleased with the settlement he was able to get for us.”

Sheri A., In-House Review

“Darren was far more than an attorney with regard to my husband Mike’s car accident. He became a friend, someone we could count on and more importantly Trust! My husband was hurt, needing surgery; it was very stressful to say the least. Darren continually called me first. Never once did I have to try & get a hold of him or deal with office staff. He was on the phone to me asking what we needed, and took time away from his family after hours to just talk & comfort me. To say that he went above & beyond for my family is an understatement. Not to mention he doubled what we thought the settlement would be. Darren has our Trust & Respect. No doubt the Best Attorney you could hope to find! Thank You, Darren!!”

Mike & Betty N., AVVO

“He was like the big brother I never had but always wanted. Thank you, Darren.”

Nolan P., In-House Review

“Darren and his team helped after my leg was broken and my shoulder was torn because of another driver’s poor decision to drive drunk. Darren took all the weight off of me and I am sincerely grateful for what he did for me. Beyond the money he won, he treated me with respect and compassion. He frequently called me and texted me, and he made me feel like I was his most important client. It is without any reservation that I can honestly say Darren is a special kind of lawyer.”

Lavonia A., In-House Review

“Between the hospitalization, surgeries, and rehab, I had almost $300,000 in medical bills. I was absolutely overwhelmed. I had my wife call several personal injury lawyers and interview them. When we spoke with Darren, we both agreed he was the most knowledgeable lawyer and also the most empathetic lawyer. Choosing Darren over the other 3 lawyers we called was an easy decision. Darren worked with me for almost 2 years on my case taking depositions, meeting surgeons, deposing experts, and building my case. After getting scheduled for trial, Darren won for me $1,500,000. That paid all of my bills, prepared me for my future, and secured me financial freedom. I am extremely grateful to Darren and his staff. Since then, Darren and I have stayed in contact with one another. He became my friend.”

Rolf M., In-House Review

“I had the pleasure of working with Darren Tobin after I suffered a vicious dog attack that left both physical and emotional scars. I could be specific about my suffering and monetary outlay; however, the most important purpose of this review is to highlight Darren as an attorney. His ability to extract facts surrounding the event, dive into the dog owner’s past with regards to previous incidents and discover what would be a humane and just reward given my extensive injuries was amazing. Darren clearly understands human emotion, potential financial impact and how each of these must factor into resolution. I believe with, certainty, that Darren took into consideration the dog owner’s remorse, his family and financial situation and was able to arrive at an agreeable settlement for both myself and the dog owner.”

Barbara S., In-House Review

“He was a God-send. After my sister was killed by a retired pilot, I was devastated. I flew with my mother from Connecticut to bury my sister in Georgia. When I called Darren, he drove to meet my mother and me in our hotel. We prayed together and he helped calm us. We ate several meals together over the course of the case. I met his wife and his children. He met my children. Darren resolved my sister’s case for seven figures. He explained that his firm made the insurance company pay close to half a million dollars more than the available insurance policy because he explained that the insurance company had acted in “bad faith”. Darren showed my family, and my deceased sister, respect and kindness. Darren and his family will forever be part of my life. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.”

Yolanda B., In-House Review

“Watching him in court argue to the judge made me realize he was a fighter who wins.”

Peter K., In-House Review

“After the death of my younger brother, my mother and I were lost. A member from our church recommended Darren to us. When we met with Darren he immediately made us feel better. Darren helped the police track down the responsible party who took my brother from us. Darren became a member of our family because he treated us like he would if we really were family. We are forever grateful.”

Laure M., In-house Review

“I spent over 4 weeks in Grady because of a terrible crash. My medical bills were enormous and my pain was unbearable. When I was discharged I spent another 8 weeks in a wheelchair. I was overwhelmed. When I hired Darren, the first thing he did was tell me he would be with me every step of the way. He did what he said. He was there with me every step of the way. When my case went to trial, the insurance companies finally did what they should have done years earlier—they offered to pay. Darren said no. Darren made the insurance companies pay more than the insurance policy limits. Thanks to Darren’s dedication and perseverance, I recovered all of my medical bills, all of my lost income, and $500,000 for my pain.”

Carl H., In-House Review

“His firm may be small, but he is definitely the David beating Goliath. There were 5 lawyers on the other side all paid by the insurance companies. But that didn’t bother Darren one bit. When they made their objections, Darren ignored them and continued on. It paid off BIG. Darren really does remind me of David beating Goliath. He did it for me and I am confident he will do it for others.”

Samantha G., In-House Review