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Johns Creek personal injury lawyers

Injuries and death are a tragic part of life, but oftentimes are preventable.

Preventable injuries, or worse, death, that result from the careless or negligent conduct of another person has consequences. Personal injuries have a devastating impact on the victim’s life.

Our Johns Creek personal injury lawyers help injured victims, as well as surviving family members who have lost a family member to wrongful death, recover from their losses.

USA Today ranked Johns Creek third on its list of 50 Best Places to Live. The Niche website ranked Johns Creek as the best place to raise a family in Georgia. Abundant attractions including the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve, Mark Burkhalter Amphitheater, and River Pines Golf Course make Johns Creek a great place to live or visit.

For all that Johns Creek has to offer, it suffers from growing pains. Car accidents at the intersection of West Morton Road and State Bridge Road prompted the construction of a right turn lane. The city is widening bridges to accommodate traffic, while more bicycle lanes and pedestrian walkways are getting built to help accommodate the city’s growth.

Our Johns Creek personal injury lawyers help accident victims in Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell, and other north Fulton County communities. We represent victims of what we call “wheels cases” such as car, truck, motorcycle, and bicycle accidents.

How Our Law Firm Help Johns Creek Injury Victims

Our Johns Creek personal injury lawyers are extremely dedicated to helping injury victims rebuild their lives. The Georgia legal system authorizes juries to award compensation when victims are injured by the negligent or intentional acts of individuals or businesses. We work to obtain the compensation our clients need to put their lives back on track after they are derailed by painful and debilitating injuries.

Injuries change lives. Injuries prevent victims from earning a living. Injuries create overwhelming debt as hospital and medical bills accumulate. Injuries interfere with the simple joys of life, from playing sports to carrying children. Injuries cause pain and misery that triggers depression and destroys relationships.

Our Practice Areas

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A car accident happens in the blink of an eye. Recovery, however, can take years. We’ve helped hundreds of families rebuild on the road to recovery.
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Based on their size, trucks can cause devastating accidents. Special federal rules apply in truck accidents; we know which laws apply and how to pursue them.
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Motorcyclists have the same rights as other drivers; the only difference is the lack of protection. When we step in, we provide riders that protection.
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Bicycle riders have less protection than those in cars. When accidents happen, they can produce devastating results. Get the help you need if you've been injured.
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Johns Creek residents hire the personal injury lawyers at Tobin Injury Law because of our unique approach to representing injury victims. We're here when you need us most.
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Preventable death is the worst nightmare. While we can never undo a loss suffered, we can try help ease the pain by holding the responsible parties accountable.
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When our beloved elder family members are being hurt or neglected in a nursing home or assisted living facility, they need a skilled and compassionate advocate in their corner.
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Various conditions can result in innocent pedestrians being seriously injured. If you've been hurt, you need legal representation. Call today - we can help!
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Effective & Compassionate Representation

We help injury victims in Johns Creek and surrounding neighborhoods obtain the funds they need to put their lives back together. Compensation replaces lost income. Compensation can provide a stream of future income when injuries reduce the ability to work. Compensation pays for tuition or vocational training when injury victims need to acquire new skills to live a satisfying life.

Compensation pays medical bills. Compensation pays for future surgeries and physical therapy. Compensation pays the wages of home health aides who assist with the daily tasks of living. Compensation makes a changed life an easier one.

Our Johns Creek injury lawyers understand the emotional barriers to rebuilding a shattered life. Compensation cannot alleviate pain or cure a disability, but we want to make it possible for injury victims to improve their lives in other ways. Compensation for pain and suffering can be used in whatever way our clients deem best to improve the quality of their lives.

When accident victims die, compensation helps families rebuild their lives. Compensation will never replace a life, but it can help family members get started on the road to recovering from their losses.

Making a Difference in Johns Creek and Other Georgia Communities

Our Johns Creek personal injury lawyers work to change the dangerous behavior of businesses and individuals by holding them accountable for their misconduct. Corporations routinely put profits ahead of safety. Lawsuits force corporations to behave responsibly.

Corporations have a duty to manufacture and sell safe products. Businesses have a duty to keep their premises safe for customers. Apartment building owners have a duty to provide safe residences for their tenants. Yet individuals in Johns Creek and across Georgia are injured every day by businesses that maximize profits by minimizing investments in safety.

When our clients get hurt because of a poor choice that a business makes, we make that business step up and pay for that poor choice that hurt our client

When an injury victim dies, our Johns Creek wrongful death lawyers help surviving family members bring legal claims against responsible parties. We work with families to identify the family members who are authorized to bring wrongful death claims and we do everything we can to make sure those family members get full justice.

Types of Cases that Tobin Injury Law Handles

Our Johns Creek injury lawyers provide aggressive representation to accident victims. We handle transportation accidents like truck accidents, car accidents, and motorcycle accidents.

The Johns Creek Personal injury lawyers at Tobin Injury Law concentrate on helping people who have the greatest need for injury compensation. We focus on helping victims who were seriously injured or suffered substantial financial losses. Our clients face hardships that make it difficult to recover quickly. We do everything we can to help our clients rebuild their lives.

We represent individuals who get hurt in restaurants and stores, and those people who are victims of sexual assaults or suffer from nursing home neglect.

Why Johns Creek Injury Victims Choose Tobin Injury Law

Our firm has a reputation for ethical but aggressive advocacy. Insurance companies know that our Johns Creek personal injury lawyers will not back down. When we determine the settlement value of a case, we expect insurance companies to pay that value. If they don’t, we aren’t afraid to take cases to trial. Insurance companies settle with our injury lawyers because they know we take cases to trial. Insurance companies pay attention to the lawyers who are trial lawyers and the lawyers who are just settlement lawyers. Our injury lawyers are the former, and insurance companies know that.

The second reason that our clients choose us over other Johns Creek personal injury lawyers is because of how we treat our clients. We limit the number of cases we accept so that all our clients receive our close attention. We believe that if a client chooses to hire us, then the client deserves to have access to us every day. We take great pride in the relationships we build with our clients— relationships that last long after a case resolves.

We Are Here To Help - Call Today

Don't try to navigate a complicated claim alone. Let us advocate for you so you can concentrate on your recovery. We will hold negligent parties accountable and seek maximum compensation for your financial damages.

Personal injury victims in Johns Creek, Alpharetta, Roswell, and other Georgia communities can call us at (678) 566-4006. Our injury lawyers are available 24/7 and we never charge for a consultation. You can also tell us about your case by filling our our convenient online contact form.

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