Case Results

When we say “We treat every case, regardless of size, as if it’s our most important case,” we mean it.  While each case is different, our formula stays the same: hard work, aggressive representation, and attention to detail.  Because we give every case our very best, we consistently achieve outstanding results.

We’ve helped a lot of clients over the years, but what we did 2, 3 or even 10 years ago isn’t going to tell you what we do today. So, here are 14 recent cases in the last 14 months.


  • $550,000, PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT: A. N., State Court of Fulton County, (2019) – Two vehicles collided that resulted in one of the cars ricocheting off the road and into our client as she stood on the sidewalk.
  • $302,000, CAR ACCIDENT: E. H. v. Brown and American Family Insurance, Spalding County State Court, (2019) – The case settled after depositions of the negligent at-fault driver and our client.
  • Confidential settlement, SEXUAL ASSAULT: (2019) – Through testimony and establishing the masseur was never licensed by the state, we proved that our client had been sexually assaulted by an unlicensed masseur at a well-known massage parlor.
  • $95,181.55, CAR ACCIDENT: Williams v. Fair, State Court of Clayton County, (2019) – Our client was a passenger who suffered chest and stomach injuries in a late-night collision.
  • $1,500,000, MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT: R.M. v. Covington, State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – After 6 months of discovery and the judge placing the case on a trial calendar, the defense agreed to pay the full policy limits.
  • $2,450,000, WRONGFUL DEATH: Billups v. Mills, State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – The insurance company paid $450,000 more than the $2 million dollar insurance policy limit because we established it had acted in bad faith.
  • $125,000, CAR ACCIDENT: Putzke v. Ivey and State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance, Paulding County Superior Court, (2018) – Through sworn testimony obtained from an out of state witness, we proved that our client was a resident relative under an insurance policy we needed to win the case.
  • $750,000, TRUCK ACCIDENT: White v. Pemberton Truck Lines Inc.; Cherokee Insurance Company; and William Johnson II, United States District Court Northern District of Georgia, (2018) – After trial began and the jury was selected, the case resolved in court.
  • $935,288.63, CAR ACCIDENT: Taylor v. Howse and Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America, State Court of Fayette County, (2018) – The jury returned a verdict after a 4-day jury trial.
  • $167,000, BICYCLE ACCIDENT: Ellis v. Jimmy John’s of Atlanta, State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – The jury returned a verdict after a 3-day jury trial.
  • $325,000, FEDEX TRUCK ACCIDENT: Rovers v. Federal Express Corp., State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – By canvassing the neighborhood and interviewing local business owners, we found crucial surveillance camera footage that showed the crash.
  • $200,000, COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ACCIDENT: Ross v. GFG Holding, Inc.; Travelers Property Casualty Company of America; and S. Vaughn, State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – After serving the defendants in 4 states and pursuing medical testimony from treating medical providers, we eventually resolved the case at mediation.
  • Confidential settlement, NURSING HOME NEGLECT RESULTING IN DEATH: (2018) – Our client’s surviving family members hired us to prove that a nursing home had doctored the books to cover for one of its employees who had dropped a resident on her head that resulted in a brain hemorrhage.
  • $292,871.09, CAR ACCIDENT: H. G. v. McRae, Hall County State Court, (2018) – Our client was struck by a drunk and high driver.  Our client had less than $3,000 in medical bills, but we secured a settlement that was 100 times more than the medical bills.