Case Results

When we say “We treat every case, regardless of size, as if it’s our most important case,” we mean it. While each case is different, our formula stays the same: hard work, aggressive representation, and attention to detail.  Because we give every case our very best, we consistently achieve outstanding results.

We’ve helped a lot of clients over the years, but what we did 10 or 11 years ago, or even what we did 5 years ago, isn’t going to tell you what we do today. So, here are a selection of recent cases in the last 3 years alone.

  • $3,000,000, TRACTOR-TRAILER ACCIDENT: Our Client v. [xxx national transportation company], (2020) – Another lawyer called us to assist him on a case.  Our client did not have to attend any hearing because we met with the defense lawyers for the transportation company, insurance company, and driver of the tractor and the defense tendered the policies available.
  • $3,000,000, APARTMENT COMPLEX SHOOTING: Our Client v. Apartment Complex,  State Court of DeKalb County, (2018) – Our client suffered injuries as a result of owners of an apartment complex ignoring ongoing crime that constantly took place on the property.
  • $2,950,000, INSURANCE BAD FAITH: Our Client’s Estate v. Mills, State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – We made the defendant driver’s insurance company pay an additional $450,000 on top of the entire $2.5 million dollar insurance policy limit because we established that the defendant’s insurance company had acted in ‘bad faith‘ during negotiations.
  • $1,500,000, PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Barr, (case published in legal newspaper) State Court of DeKalb County, (2019) – We filed a personal injury lawsuit with the focus on our client’s loss of consortium claim.
  • $1,500,000, MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Covington, State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – After 6 months of discovery and the judge placing the case on a trial calendar, the defendant driver’s insurance company met our demand and paid the full policy plus the umbrella policy.
  • Seven Figure Confidential Settlement, TRACTOR-TRAILER ACCIDENT: Our Client v. [xxx major transportation company], (2020) – A young man was referred to our law firm by another personal injury lawyer who also practices in Georgia. We came in for the express purpose of helping this lawyer take an expert’s deposition; interview and depose two treating surgeons; and prepare the case for trial. The case resolved for a significant confidential settlement after the judge entered the Consolidated Pre-Trial Order.
  • $975,000, CAR ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Suazo, State Court of DeKalb County, (2019) – With a broken leg as a result of a head-on wreck, our client had $167,000 in medical bills. We spent months preparing our client and witnesses for trial; that intense preparation paid off when the defendant driver’s insurance company’s lawyer defending the driver met with us before trial.
  • $950,000, PREMISES LIABILITY: Our Client v. Georgia Farm, (2018) – We secured a favorable pre-lawsuit settlement for our client’s arm and leg injuries.
  • $935,288.63, CAR ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Howse and Nationwide Affinity Insurance Company of America, (case published in legal newspaper) State Court of Fayette County, (2018) – The jury returned a verdict after a 4-day jury trial.
  • $750,000, TRUCK ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Pemberton Truck Lines Inc.; Cherokee Insurance Company; and William Johnson II, (case published in legal newspaper) United States District Court Northern District of Georgia, (2018) – Jury trial.
  • High-Six Figure Confidential Settlement, NURSING HOME NEGLECT RESULTING IN DEATH: Our Client v. [xxx nursing home], (2018) – Our client’s family hired us to prove that a nursing home had doctored the books to cover for one of its employees.
  • $700,000, WORK TRUCK ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Bravo and Clean Water Consultants Inc., State Court of Athens-Clarke County, (2019) – We deposed the driver as well as the company’s 30(b)(6) corporate representative who provided conflicting testimony, and after we gathered evidence from former employees to prove our theory, we resolved the case at mediation for over six and half times the medical bills.
  • $615,000, TRACTOR-TRAILER ACCIDENT: Our Client v. [xxx major transportation company], State Court of Athens-Clarke County, (2020) – In 2017 while driving to Athens, Georgia on GA-316, our client was rear-ended by a tractor driven by a driver for a national distribution transportation company.
  • $550,000, PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Patel, State Court of Fulton County, (2019) – Two vehicles collided that resulted in one of the cars ricocheting into our client as she stood on the sidewalk. We helped our client negotiate her medical bills so that she would keep the lion’s share of the car insurance.
  • $500,000, HAIR SALON BURN: Our Client, pre-suit settlement, (2020) – While getting hair highlights at a well-known hair salon, our young client suffered a serious scalp burn.
  • $421,500, RIDE-SHARE ACCIDENT: Our Client v. [xxx national ride sharing company], State Court of Cobb County, (2020) – Recovering from a back surgery, our client was a backseat passenger when his driver negligently merged lanes and collided with another vehicle. The crash exacerbated his recovery.
  • $375,000, TRUCK ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Osborne, (case published in legal newspaper) State Court of DeKalb County, (2019) – A tractor driver for a major transportation company failed to follow the federal safety rules laid out in the FMCSR. The defendant company’s insurance carrier paid handsomely for the driver’s inadequate training.
  • Mid-Six Figure Confidential Settlement, MED-SPA BURN:  Our Client v. Spa, (2019) – While sitting under a hair dryer, our client suffered a third degree scalp burn.
  • $325,000, TRUCK ACCIDENT: Our Client v. [xxx Corp.], State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – By canvassing the neighborhood and interviewing local business owners, we found crucial surveillance camera footage that showed the crash and established liability that until that point, was in dispute.
  • $302,000, CAR ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Brown and American Family Insurance, Spalding County State Court, (2019) – The case resolved after depositions of the negligent at-fault defendant and witnesses.
  • $292,871.09, DRUNK DRIVING ACCIDENT: Our Client v. McRae, Hall County State Court, (2018) – Our client was struck by a drunk and high driver. Our client had less than $3,000 in medical bills, but we won an award that was almost 100 times more than the medical bills. This was one of the rare cases where in addition to collecting the car insurance proceeds, we also made the defendant driver pay money from his own checking account because of his reckless decisions.
  • $277,000 AUTO ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Oppenheimer, (case published in legal newspaper) State Court of Jackson County, (2020) – A young mother from Louisiana was rear-ended while visiting family in Georgia. The property damage to the cars was mild which made proving the damages difficult. By getting good medical testimony from doctors, we proved that even if the property damage was minimal, the injuries that resulted from the impact were serious.
  • $260,000, MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Knox,  State Court of Gwinnett County, (2019) – The defendant driver, a cancer survivor who was driving home from a chemotherapy appointment, struck the back tire of our client’s motorcycle. We settled because our client did not want to put the defendant driver through a trial.
  • $250,000, WORK TRUCK ACCIDENT: Our Client v. [xxx electrical company], State Court of Athens-Clarke County, (2018) – The insurance company’s adjusters low-balled our client until he hired us and we took over.
  • $200,000, COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ACCIDENT: Our Client v. GFG Holding, Inc.; Travelers Property Casualty Company of America; and S. Vaughn, State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – After serving the defendants in 4 states and pursuing medical testimony from treating medical providers in California, Texas, and Georgia, we eventually resolved the case at mediation.
  • $197,501, PREMISES LIABILITY: Our Client v. Publix Stores, Inc., State Court of DeKalb County, (2019) – Walking in Publix minding her own business, our client got knocked down by a grocery store employee who was pushing an overloaded cart. The day after the knockdown a claims adjuster for the grocery store contacted our client and offered her $7,000.  About a year later, we won $190,501 more than the offer.
  • Six Figure Confidential Settlement, SEXUAL ASSAULT: Our Client v. Buckhead Massage Salon, (2019) – Through testimony and establishing the masseur was never licensed by the state, we proved that our client had been sexually assaulted by an unlicensed masseur.
  • $205,000, CAR ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Nunnally, State Court of Jackson County, (2020) – The negligent driver caused a collision because she failed to turn her headlights on at night.
  • $175,000, TRUCK ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Green Logistics, State Court of Gwinnett County, (2019) – Workers compensation covered our client’s medical treatment, but we had to show that he had a good reason why he waited to notify his UIM carrier. After months of litigation the insurance company tendered the policy limits.
  • Full Policy Limits, CAR ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Finlayson, State Court of Gwinnett County (2019) – A high school student failed to stop and drove into the car of a different student.
  • $167,000, BICYCLE ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Jimmy John’s of Atlanta, (case published in legal newspaper) State Court of Fulton County, (2018) – The jury returned a verdict after a 3-day jury trial.
  • $150,000, CAR ACCIDENT: Our Client v. Graham, State Court of Fulton County, (2020) – An early morning wreck resulted in a fractured toe.  Fortunately the toe healed on its own without surgery and our client danced with joy at the conclusion of her case.

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