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Smyrna personal injury lawyers

Injuries and death are a tragic part of life, but oftentimes are preventable.

Preventable injuries, or worse, death, that result from the careless or negligent conduct of another person has consequences. Personal injuries have a devastating impact on the victim’s life.

Our Smyrna personal injury lawyers help injured victims, as well as surviving family members who have lost a family member to wrongful death, recover from their losses.

Smyrna, Georgia offers residents a lot of leisure activities. Families can enjoy rides and family fun at the Smyrna Six Flags Over Georgia. Smyrna residents can explore the town by visiting the Smyrna Vamonos City Tours and see filming locations from the ever-popular show Stranger Things, while others explore the Georgia Aquarium near Smyrna provide evening entertainment.

Unfortunately, living in an idyllic community does not insulate residents from tragedy. Our Smyrna personal injury lawyers help injury victims in Smyrna and Cobb County rebuild after tragedy strikes.

Getting The Compensation You Need, When You Need It Most

Victims of serious injuries are burdened by debt. Injury victims who cannot work lose wages. Accident victims face mounting bills and sometimes can’t pay medical and hospital bills. They rely on dwindling savings to make mortgage and car payments. Credit card debt grows as they try to put food on the table and pay electric bills. Injury compensation rebuilds lives by relieving financial insecurity. Compensation pays medical bills and replaces lost income. When long-term or disabling injuries limit future employment, compensation covers reduced earning capacity and pays for job training.

When an accident victim is likely to replace an artificial knee every ten years, compensation covers that expense. Compensation makes it possible for injury victims to cope with permanent disabilities. Compensation pays for long-term care, for wheelchair-accessible vans, and for tutors to help victims with brain injuries. Our Smyrna injury lawyers work to obtain the compensation that helps accident victims live their pre-injury lives to the maximum possible extent.

Our Practice Areas

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A car accident happens in the blink of an eye. Recovery, however, can take years. We’ve helped hundreds of families rebuild on the road to recovery.
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Based on their size, trucks can cause devastating accidents. Special federal rules apply in truck accidents; we know which laws apply and how to pursue them.
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Motorcyclists have the same rights as other drivers; the only difference is the lack of protection. When we step in, we provide riders that protection.
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Back injury cases can be as complex as any other personal injury claim. Don't take chances when your health and your financial future is at stake. Call us.
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Smyrna residents hire the personal injury lawyers at Tobin Injury Law because of our unique approach to representing injury victims. We're here when you need us most.
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Preventable death is the worst nightmare. While we can never undo a loss suffered, we can try help ease the pain by holding the responsible parties accountable.
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When our beloved elder family members are being hurt or neglected in a nursing home or assisted living facility, they need a skilled and compassionate advocate in their corner.
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With less protection, pedestrian accident injuries can be devastating. Let us help you get on the road to recovery and seek justice and the compensation you deserve.
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Our Goals

We have two fundamental goals. First, we work to help our clients rebuild. Second, we work to change the system.

First, We Help Victims Rebuild Their Lives

Victims of serious injuries are often burdened by physical pain and emotional suffering. Compensation pays for medications that ease pain. Compensation reduces suffering by giving injury victims new opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. Compensation never makes a personal whole, but compensation does help relieve the burden and stresses caused by accidents.

Rebuilding a life after a serious injury is hard work. The task of rebuilding cannot be accomplished without money. Our Smyrna personal injury lawyers want injury victims to get their lives back. We help them recover the compensation they need to achieve that goal.

Second, We Change Corporate Behavior

Not all, but many businesses act irresponsibly. Some businesses will market medications that they know carry deadly side-effects. They will sometimes manufacture defective products that they know can injure consumers. They sometimes knowingly fail to provide adequate security to protect property users who are at risk of being attacked.

Our Smyrna personal injury lawyers are dedicated to changing the way bad businesses behave. The only way to accomplish that goal is to affect a business’s bottom line. Corporate shareholders complain to management when a corporation pays large settlements or judgments. Stock prices fall when corporations are sued. Irresponsible corporations react to shareholder concerns by making changes to assure they behave responsibly in the future.

Our Smyrna personal injury lawyer team help residents who are injured by corporate misconduct. We take pride in making the entire state of Georgia a safer place when we change a business’s behavior. We work to reduce injuries in Smyrna and other Georgia communities by changing the way corporations do business.

Types of Injury Cases Tobin Injury Law Handles

Our personal injury team helps residents of Smyrna and other Cobb County communities who are injured by negligent or intentional conduct. Our Smyrna wrongful death lawyers help families rebuild their lives after a loved one is fatally injured.

We help victims of car accidents who suffer injuries because of negligent or reckless drivers and boaters.

We handle injuries caused by the failure of business property owners to make their premises safe for customers, including helping residents and their guests who are harmed by an apartment owner’s failure to provide a safe place to live. We help consumers and the parents of injured children who are hurt by defective vehicles, toys, and other products.

Our personal injury lawyers represent victims of serious or catastrophic injuries, including head injuries, back injuries, limb injuries, and organ damage. We work with our clients’ doctors and medical teams to make sure that our clients receive the maximum and full compensation available to them.

In situations where someone is killed, our Smyrna wrongful death lawyers help families recover from the loss of a loved one. Spouses are always entitled to pursue wrongful death compensation, as are children or parents in the absence of a spouse. In many cases, the victim’s estate can seek compensation. Essentially, there are two parts to a Georgia wrongful death lawsuit: the wrongful death claim and the estate claim. A good personal injury lawyer needs to know how to handle both parts because each part has a separate claim. Our Smyrna wrongful death lawyers know the law and which laws apply to which cases. Our firm provides compassionate representation for the families we help while we aggressively pursue the responsible parties.

Why Choose Tobin Injury Law?

Our Smyrna personal injury lawyers represent the seriously injured victims who are most in need of our help. We take on just a few cases at a time so that we can give individual attention to each client. We give our clients access to us every day, and we make our clients our priority.

Our aggressive approach to personal injury law has earned the respect of judges, other lawyers, and a long list of satisfied clients. Many of our clients are referrals from former clients and from other lawyers. They know we bring skill, experience, dedication, and a passion for justice to every case. Our track record of winning in and out of court, as well as our exceptional customer service is what makes us successful.

We have also earned the grudging respect of insurance companies. They would rather not see our injury lawyers on the other side of a case because they know we cannot be bullied or fooled. Insurance companies know our lawyers aren’t afraid of taking cases to trial. Our record of success as trial lawyers has taught insurance companies to respect our clients.

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We represent clients in Smyrna, in other Cobb County communities, and throughout Georgia. To learn more about how Tobin Injury Law can help you, contact us by calling 404- JUSTICE (404-587-8423) or by submitting a question on our contact form.

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