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Car Accident Lawyer Assisting Smyrna, GA Injury Victims

Smyrna car accident lawyerSmyrna is a gateway to the outdoors. Chattahoochee River and Taylor-Brawner Park are among the many locations where boaters, swimmers, and hikers can enjoy the spectacular scenery. Visitors make their way to Six Flags Over Georgia for a fun-filled day of roller coasters and family entertainment. It also includes Smyrna Car Accident Attorney, Darren Tobin, who is at your aid when involved in an accident.

As the number of people traveling to and through Smyrna continues to rise, so too does the number of roadway accidents.  Tourists help grow Smyrna’s economy, but they also contribute to car accidents. Just a few years ago, Cobb County had only a few hundred car accident injuries per year. That car accident rate has recently ballooned to more than 2,000 per year.

Our Smyrna car accident lawyer team understands how devastating an accident injury can be to injury victims and their families. Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping injury victims in Cobb County rebuild after a car crash.  Whether the car accident resulted in a short hospital stay or a multi-surgery nightmare, our lawyers help victims of all injuries.

How Does Tobin Injury Law Help Smyrna Car Accident Victims?

Rebuilding a life requires physical and emotional healing. Too often, healing is impaired or delayed by a lack of funds. As hospital bills and doctor’s charges accumulate, injury victims forego treatment that they need but cannot afford.

Financial problems are compounded when injuries make it impossible to work. Wage loss threatens physical recovery while heightening the stress that accompanies every serious injury. Emotional healing cannot occur when injury victims worry about paying their medical bills or losing their homes.

Our Smyrna car accident lawyer team helps injury victims obtain the compensation they need to rebuild. Compensation replaces lost wages. Compensation pays medical bills and allows injury victims to obtain the future medical care they need to maximize their recovery.  Compensation also helps with emotional healing. When a full recovery from injuries is unlikely, compensation helps accident victims cope with permanent disabilities. Injury victims use compensation to make their homes accessible to wheelchairs, purchase medical appliances that increase their mobility, and pay for caretakers or aides who help them live their lives.

Overcoming anxiety, depression, or emotional suffering is never easy. Compensation opens the door to opportunities that allow injury victims to improve the quality of their lives. Our Smyrna Car Accident Attorneys want injury victims to have the resources they need to rebuild their emotional well-being.

What Car Accident Injuries Does Tobin Injury Law Handle?

Serious injuries deserve serious lawyers. Our experienced car accident lawyers represent drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians who have suffered significant injuries.

We handle car accidents caused by negligent or reckless drivers. We want to send a message to drunk drivers, aggressive drivers, and drivers who look at smartphones instead of the road. We want to make roads safer in Smyrna and elsewhere in Cobb County by reminding drivers that careless or reckless driving has consequences.  We do that by pursuing those drivers who break the law and the insurance companies who insure those drivers.

We only handle a few cases at a time. That allows us to focus on the injury victims who need our help the most.  Our personal injury lawyer team believes that if a client chooses us, that client should get us.  So we promise if that you become a client of our firm, you will have access to us and you will hear from us on a regular basis.

We know that the people we help have suffered a traumatic experience in their lives and they have questions.  Our Smyrna personal injury lawyer team answers questions, but more importantly, we pursue financial assistance for our clients through settlements and verdicts. 

Why Choose Tobin Injury Law?

Insurance adjusters are never on the side of an accident victim. Their job is to save the money of the insurance company that employs them. When they face lawyers who dabble in injury cases, they make lowball offers. They raise frivolous arguments about why the injury victim was at fault. They try to wear down injury victims by delaying payment of the claim.

Insurance adjusters track lawyers.  Insurance adjusters know that some lawyers settle every case for whatever they can get.  And they know which personal injury lawyers will actually pursue an injury case in court.  The insurance companies know that our lawyers file lawsuits and prepare cases for trial.  At our personal injury law firm, we want the insurance companies to track us because we know that our verdicts and settlements make us formidable opponents and that helps our clients.  Since the insurance companies keep track of the lawyers who take cases to trial and win, they make reasonable settlement offers with those lawyers.

Our Smyrna car accident lawyers have a reputation as successful trial lawyers. We don’t let insurance adjusters play games. We aren’t intimidated by hardball tactics. If an insurance company doesn’t make a reasonable settlement offer, we have faith that Georgia juries will give our clients the compensation they deserve. We work hard and we prepare for trial starting on day one.  That way if a case does not settle, our firm and our client are ready to go and win what is right.

When Should I Contact Tobin Injury Law?

After a car accident, the first thing to do is to get medical care.  Go in the ambulance to the hospital. Go to your doctor’s office.  Get checked out.  Then, before you ever speak to an insurance company adjuster, call a good and reputable Smyrna car accident lawyer that specializes in personal injury law.  The other driver’s insurance adjuster will want you to give a statement immediately, and most likely before you obtain legal advice. Don’t do that.  You should always talk to a lawyer before you talk to an insurance adjuster.

Get Legal Guidance From a Smyrna Car Accident Attorney Today!

Our Smyrna car accident lawyers are on your side. We are available to answer your questions at no charge.  If you were injured in a Georgia car accident and need legal advice, call us at (404) 665-9665. You can also ask us about your case by using our online contact form.

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