Referring Lawyers

Many of our clients are referred to us from other lawyers. We value the partnerships we have formed with referring lawyers, and our referral fee arrangements reflect that appreciation.  Our referral fee philosophy is simple–you referred us the client and therefore you should share in our fee.  That is why in accordance with Georgia Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(e) we ethically fee share with every lawyer who refers us a client.

Most good personal injury lawyers will agree to share their fee with the referring lawyer.  What makes other lawyers encourage their clients to call our law firm is because of two important reasons that are more important than financial gain: Trust and Reputation.

First, other lawyers trust us. They trust us because they know we know what we’re doing. We’ve been specializing in personal injury law for a long time.  We have proven trial skills, verdicts in newspapers, and financial resources to take a case all the way to the end.  Lawyers who speak well of us to their clients, their friends, or their coworkers trust that our team will work hard to achieve the best possible result.

Second, just as important as trust, is reputation.  Any time a lawyer refers a case to another lawyer the referring lawyer is putting his own reputation at stake.  We guarantee we will regularly communicate with the client; that the client will know exactly what is happening with their case at every stage; and that the client will have nothing but a positive experience working with our firm.

If you are a lawyer and you’d like to discuss a case that you think we can help on, we invite you to call us at (404) 587-8423 or email us.