Referring Lawyers

Many of our clients are referred to us by other lawyers. We are typically associated to work on cases that are complex, expensive, or where trial experience is needed.

We Fee-Share With Referring Lawyers

We value the partnerships we have formed with associating lawyers all across the country, and our referral fee arrangements reflect that appreciation. Our referral fee philosophy is simple–you introduced us to the client and therefore you should share in our fee.  That is why in accordance with Georgia Rule of Professional Conduct 1.5(e) we fee-share with every lawyer who refers us a client.

At What Stage Should You Associate Us

Usually, the referring lawyer wants our firm to handle the case from the start. We’re typically asked to lead the investigation, hire experts, file pleadings, conduct discovery, and try the case. Sometimes, the referring lawyer wants to participate alongside us through settlement or the close of trial. We are happy to have referring counsel participate in whatever capacity he chooses.

While we prefer to become involved in the early stages of a case to help guide it from inception, we have entered cases as trial counsel as late as a few weeks before trial was to begin. We’ve also been in situations where the referring lawyer wants us to attend mediation to drive the settlement value during the negotiation, and then if the case does not settle at mediation, we are there to take over as lead counsel going forward.

Why Refer the Client to Us

Other lawyers recommend our law firm because of two important reasons that extend beyond financial gain: Trust and Reputation.

Lawyers across America trust us with their Georgia cases because they know we know how to maximize a case’s value. We’ve been specializing in personal injury law for a long time. We have proven trial skills, record-setting verdicts, and financial resources to take a case all the way.  Lawyers who speak well of us to their clients, their friends, or their coworkers trust that our law firm will work hard to achieve the best possible result.  If a case should settle, we will settle it.  If a case should go to trial, we will try it.  Our track record of securing large verdicts proves we are ready for trial.

Just as important as trust, is reputation.  Any time a lawyer refers a case to another lawyer the referring lawyer is putting his own reputation at stake.  We guarantee we will regularly communicate with the client; that the client will know exactly what is happening with their case at every stage; that the client will have nothing but a positive experience working with our firm; and that the value of the client’s case will be maximized.

What You Can Expect When You Refer a Client to Us

When you make the introduction, we mobilize immediately. We will not lose a client by failing to act quickly.  Unless you tell us to wait, we will immediately reach out to the potential client. We will then keep you updated from that moment forward.

We pay all the case costs. Our firm will pay 100% of all case expenses. Expert testimony, medical testimony, private investigators, medical records, litigation costs, and everything else that it takes to win the case, we will pay.  You will never be asked to cover any of the case expenses.

We do all the work. Some lawyers who refer the client to us want to stay involved and participate in depositions, mediation, or even at trial. That’s fine. Other lawyers who refer the client to us prefer to make the introduction and then bow out. That’s fine too. Whether the referring lawyer wants to play an active role in the representation or wants to simply make the referral introduction, we always fee share with referring counsel.

We will pay you the same day we pay ourselves. Our referral partners get paid the same day we get paid. As soon as the client signs the disbursement statement, we issue checks: a check to the client, a check to our law firm, and a check to you.

If you are a lawyer who would like to explore how we can add value, we invite you to call us at (404) 587-8423 or email us.