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Atlanta car accidents have devastating consequences. Catastrophic injuries — including brain injuries, spinal damage, severe burns, lost limbs, and blindness—are life-changing. Other serious and disabling injuries may require hospital treatment and extended care. Car accident injuries often cause disfigurement, impaired earning ability, and condemn an accident victim to prolonged suffering.

Car crashes are a growing problem in Atlanta. Finding the right car accident lawyer helps accident victims win the compensation they need to begin rebuilding their lives. When collisions cause death, an experienced Atlanta wrongful death lawyer can help families pursue justice while easing their financial losses.

Why Are There So Many Atlanta Car Accidents?

More than 1,500 people die in Georgia traffic accidents each year. That number has grown dramatically since 2014. Fulton and Dekalb Counties have the first and second highest traffic accident fatality rate in Georgia.

Serious injuries from traffic accidents have also increased. Car crash injuries in Fulton and Dekalb Counties tripled between 2012 and 2016.

Why are there so many car accidents in Atlanta? The city’s population growth provides only a partial answer. The explosion of smartphones has created a source of distractions that careless drivers cannot resist. Texting while driving is obviously irresponsible, but dialing a cellphone, reading a text, searching a contact list, or programming a GPS function are all dangerous activities that divert a driver’s attention from the road.

Drunk drivers, aggressive drivers, and fatigued drivers all cause Atlanta car accidents. Our Atlanta car accident lawyers hold careless drivers accountable for collisions that injure our clients.

How Does Tobin Law Help Car Accident Victims?

Our highly skilled Atlanta car accident lawyers have two goals. First, we help our clients rebuild their lives. Car accident injuries drain the victim’s financial resources. Serious injuries often impair the ability to work and earn wages. Hospital and doctor’s bills create overwhelming debt. Painful and disabling injuries contribute to emotional distress.

We obtain compensation that eases our clients’ worries. We want our clients to focus on healing. Injury compensation replaces lost wages and offsets the loss of future earnings. Compensation pays medical bills and assures that money will be available to pay for future healthcare costs. Compensation covers the ongoing expense of coping with a disabling condition.

Accident injuries reduce the ability to enjoy life. Our traffic accident lawyers work to obtain compensation that will help accident victims improve the quality of their lives. Helping injury victims rebuild their lives is our most important goal.

At the same time, we want to send a message. Drunk and distracted drivers are making Atlanta’s roads unsafe for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcycle riders, and other drivers. Nobody should speed in a school zone. Nobody should try to beat a red light. No driver should use drugs before getting behind the wheel.

Our Atlanta personal injury lawyers know that substantial payments of compensation for traffic accidents send a clear message to dangerous drivers. Our clients know that they are making Atlanta a safer place for everyone by hiring a car accident law firm that takes an aggressive approach to maximizing compensation for injury victims.

Who Does Tobin Law Represent?

Our team of Atlanta car accident lawyers is dedicated to helping injury victims. We never represent insurance companies or corporations. We only handle personal injury cases. We have earned a reputation for excellence by focusing on what we do best: representing injury victims.

We help drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycle riders who were seriously injured in Atlanta car accidents. We also help families bring wrongful death claims when traffic accidents take the lives of their loved ones.

We represent victims of car crashes in the Atlanta metropolitan area and throughout Georgia. Many of our clients from rural Georgia seek an Atlanta lawyer to assure themselves of experienced representation by a firm that only handles personal injury cases.

We bring claims against the companies that insure careless drivers. If the driver who caused an injury was uninsured or underinsured, we look for other sources of compensation, including the accident victim’s own coverage and any coverage that might be available from the negligent driver’s employer. We leave no stone unturned in our effort to maximize the compensation our clients receive.

What Should I Do After an Atlanta Car Accident?

If you are injured in a car accident, you should take whatever steps are necessary to protect your health. Follow the advice of paramedics who arrive at the accident scene.

Every driver involved in a Georgia injury accident has a duty to remain at the accident scene and to notify the police. Our website provides additional information about the ways in which Atlanta car accident victims can protect their rights.

If you are not transported from the accident scene in an ambulance, it is essential that you visit an emergency room or an urgent care clinic as soon as you can. Immediate health care will start you on the road to recovery while creating the documentation your lawyer will need to prove that your injuries resulted from the accident.

The other driver’s insurance adjuster will try to talk to you before you have a lawyer. Remember that the adjuster is not on your side. The insurance company wants to find excuses to avoid paying the full compensation you deserve. Never give a statement to an insurance adjuster without first getting advice from a trusted Atlanta car accident lawyer residents trust.

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