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Snellville personal injury lawyers

Injuries and death are a tragic part of life, but oftentimes are preventable.

Preventable injuries, or worse, death, that result from the careless or negligent conduct of another person has consequences. Personal injuries have a devastating impact on the victim’s life.

Our Snellville personal injury lawyers help injured victims, as well as surviving family members who have lost a family member to wrongful death, recover from their losses.

Snellville’s City Hall used to sell bumper stickers proclaiming: “Everybody’s somebody in Snellville.” Our Snellville personal injury lawyers agree that “everybody’s somebody.” That’s why we devote personal attention to each of our clients.

Some law firms are modeled after factories. They seek to profit from the volume by churning out cases quickly. Our Snellville injury lawyers understand that every injury is unique and every person matters.

At our Snellville offices, there are personal injury lawyers here to help individuals in Lawrenceville, Grayson, and throughout Gwinnett County. We also represent visitors who travel to the area to explore Stone Mountain, enjoy the Lawrenceville Ghost Tours, or shop for arts and crafts at the Yellow Daisy Festival.

Our Georgia personal injury firm is selective about the cases we handle. We focus on helping the injury victims who need our help the most. Our Snellville injury lawyers help Gwinnett residents in Snellville, Lawrenceville, Grayson and surrounding communities with serious injuries. We work hard for our clients so that our clients can work hard on rebuilding their lives in the community they love.

Finding Legal Help In Snellville

Snellville area residents need personal injury lawyers when they are injured by the careless, reckless, or deliberate conduct of another person or business. We know that injury victims can choose from a number of law firms. Snellville residents hire the Snellville and Lawrenceville personal injury lawyers at Tobin Injury Law because of our unique approach to representing injury victims.

Our Practice Areas

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A car accident happens in the blink of an eye. Recovery, however, can take years. We’ve helped hundreds of families rebuild on the road to recovery.
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Based on their size, trucks can cause devastating accidents. Special federal rules apply in truck accidents; we know which laws apply and how to pursue them.
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Motorcyclists have the same rights as other drivers; the only difference is the lack of protection. When we step in, we provide riders that protection.
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Bicycle riders have less protection than those in cars. When accidents happen, they can produce devastating results. Get the help you need if you've been injured.
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Snellville residents hire the Snellville and Lawrenceville personal injury lawyers at Tobin Injury Law because of our unique approach to representing injury victims.
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Preventable death is the worst nightmare. While we can never undo a loss suffered, we can try help ease the pain by holding the responsible parties accountable.
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When our beloved elder family members are being hurt or neglected in a nursing home or assisted living facility, they need a skilled and compassionate advocate in their corner.
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Various conditions can result in innocent pedestrians being seriously injured. If you've been hurt, you need legal representation. Call today - we can help!
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Our Goals

When we agree to represent a client, we work to achieve two goals. First, we want to help our clients rebuild their lives. Second, we want to change individual and corporate behaviors so that Snellville and other Georgia communities become safer places to raise a family.

Committed to Helping Victims Rebuild Their Lives

Rebuilding a life starts with healthcare. We encourage all of our clients to get the medical attention they need. Unfortunately, healthcare for serious injuries is costly. Disabling injuries may require a lifetime of care. We pursue compensation from every available source to assure that our clients receive the care they need.

Disabling injuries produce expenses that often outstrip medical costs. Injury victims may need a home health aide to assist with the activities of daily living. Accident victims who need a wheelchair may require a wheelchair-accessible van and home remodeling to regain their mobility. We may hire a life care planner to estimate our client’s lifetime cost of coping with a disability.

Accident victims lose income while recovering from injuries. Disabled victims may never return to their former employment. Our Gwinnett injury lawyers help accident victims obtain the compensation they need to replace lost income. When returning to a former job is impossible, we may hire vocational experts and economists to project the cost of job retraining and future wage loss.

Quality of life is a key issue for victims of serious injuries. Pain and disabling conditions cause anxiety. Losing the ability to pick up a child is depressing. Losing the ability to provide for a family impairs self-esteem. Money cannot restore those losses, but it can be used to make an injury victim’s life happier and more productive. We help our clients rebuild their lives by winning the compensation they need to feel whole again.

Dedicated to Changing Corporate Behavior

Too many injuries are caused by uncaring corporations that put profits ahead of people. Business and apartment building owners fail to install adequate lighting that will protect individuals from assaults in dark parking lots. Supermarkets fail to hire sufficient staff to assure that spills in product aisles do not endanger customers who navigate slippery floors. Manufacturers sell unsafe products and fail to warn consumers about hidden dangers.

Individuals also harm communities by behaving irresponsibly. Cars crash when reckless drivers speed on residential roads or run red lights. Drunk drivers take lives. Children die when homeowners fail to erect a fence to prevent neighborhood kids from falling into a swimming pool.

Our injury law firm takes an aggressive approach to negotiations with insurance companies. We don’t tolerate the tactics that claim adjusters use to wear down their opponents. Insurance companies know that if they play games with us, they will end up in court. Our reputation as skilled and aggressive trial lawyers encourages insurance companies to settle cases promptly and fairly.

Our Snellville injury lawyers know that large settlements and jury verdicts change behaviors. Corporations begin to behave responsibly when they are forced to pay for their irresponsible conduct. Individuals are less likely to engage in careless behaviors when they know that negligent conduct has consequences. Our clients feel good about the role they play in making Snellville and other Georgia communities a better place to live.

What Kind of Personal Injury Lawyer Do You Want?

The best personal injury lawyers are fearless. We don’t back down when we go up against large corporations. We aren’t intimidated by insurance adjusters who try to bully accident victims into accepting unreasonable settlement offers. We aren’t afraid to file lawsuits and to let juries value the suffering our clients have experienced.

Our personal injury lawyers have earned the respect of judges and other lawyers across Georgia because people know we are not scared of court. Many of our clients are referred to us by the injury victims we helped in the past. Other clients are referred by lawyers who know we give careful attention to every case. No matter how a client comes to us, we treat every client the same: with respect, compassion, and kindness.

Types of Cases Tobin Injury Law Handle

Victims of serious injuries are entitled to serious compensation. We represent individuals who were seriously injured and families who lost a child or parent in an accident.

Our lawyers have obtained compensation for individuals who were injured in Snellville, Grayson, Lawrenceville, and throughout Gwinnett County. We help clients rebuild their lives after brain injuries, spinal injuries, amputations, fractures, and disfiguring injuries. We represent victims of traffic accidents, boating accidents, construction accidents, defective products, sexual assaults, nursing home neglect, and other harmful behaviors.

Our Gwinnett injury lawyers also bring wrongful death claims on behalf of family members when their loved ones are killed because of another person’s dangerous behavior. Wrongful death compensation helps families recover from their losses by replacing the income a breadwinner would have contributed to the family, and it also helps a victim’s family recover compensation for the value of the deceased person’s life. Wrongful death verdicts and settlements also send the message that Snellville residents will not tolerate deadly accidents in their community.

Get Skilled Legal Counsel - Contact Tobin Injury Law

Our Snellville personal injury lawyers are available at all hours, every day of the year, to advise injury victims and their families. Personal injuries can come with dire consequences. Many accident victims are unable to work, making it hard to support themselves and their families. Right now you need to focus on recovering and getting your life back on track. Let us protect your rights and fight for the compensation you deserve. We never charge for a consultation. If you have questions for our dedicated personal injury team, call Tobin Injury Law at (678) 263-3733, or submit a question by using our online contact form.

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