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Snellville Truck Accident LawyerTruck traffic is increasing in Gwinnett County. Several truck routes run through Snellville, including US 78, the Ronald Reagan Parkway, Scenic Highway, SR 84, and Oak Road. Nearby Lawrenceville Highway, Grayson Parkway, and Sugarloaf Parkway all contribute to local truck traffic. With an increase in traffic comes the risk of more accidents and the need for Snellville Truck Accident Lawyers.

Much of the truck traffic on those dangerous highways feeds on I-85, a congested freeway that is a major corridor for trucks hauling freight. As the Atlanta Regional Commission and Gwinnett County study ways to relieve congestion and make roads safer, truck crashes continue to take and shatter lives. Our Snellville truck accident lawyer team is dedicated to helping collision victims rebuild after an accident.

Why Do There Seem to be More Truck Accidents in Gwinnett County?

The growth of warehouses and distribution centers in the Atlanta Metropolitan area has filled local highways with tractor-trailers and delivery trucks. Crowded roads contribute to accidents when truck drivers become impatient, lose their concentration, or violate any of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations that are meant to protect other drivers from truck accidents.

Under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, truck drivers must pass medical exams and obtain a commercial driver’s license, as well as a certification to operate certain trucks. They must limit the number of hours they drive and are not allowed to drive when they are ill or fatigued.

Trucking companies have an obligation to inspect their fleet to make sure that equipment is safe, while drivers have an obligation to load cargo in a way that will avoid jackknifing, tipping over, or endangering other drivers with cargo spills. Our Commercial Vehicle Rules FAQ explains in more detail the rules that truck drivers and trucking companies must follow.

When drivers and trucking companies violate safety rules, they are negligent. For example, a driver who becomes fatigued and fails to stop and rest, or who drives more hours than the law allows, is engaging in the kind of careless behavior that makes the driver legally responsible when that carelessness causes a collision.  If a truck driver is driving for a company, then under a legal doctrine called respondeat superior, the truck company is responsible for the driver’s negligent driving.

While the demand for trucks is good for the local economy, it also makes communities less safe. When companies need to hire drivers quickly, they do not always assure that they are hiring capable, properly licensed drivers.

When they need to move freight quickly, they impose demands that cause drivers to speed or to drive beyond their permitted hours. Innocent crash victims suffer the consequences of those decisions.

What Truck Accident Injuries Does Tobin Injury Law Handle?

Truck accidents cause serious injuries, even at low speeds. A crash at highway speeds, or any collision with a motorcycle rider, bicyclist, or pedestrian, is likely to cause fatal injuries.

Our experienced Snellville personal injury lawyer team represents victims who suffer serious injuries. Head and brain trauma, spinal damage, and torn muscles are among the serious consequences of truck accidents that our clients have endured. We also represent surviving family members after the loss of a loved one.

With an office in Snellville, our personal injury team helps accident victims in Snellville, Lawrenceville, Duluth, Grayson, Peachtree Corners, and all across Gwinnett County.

How Does Tobin Injury Law Help Snellville Truck Accident Victims?

Compensation is money that is paid to a victim of a truck accident. Compensation assists a victim’s financial recovery by paying hospital bills and replacing lost wages. Compensation helps secure an injury victim’s future by paying for future medical treatment and providing income for victims who cannot return to their former jobs.  And compensation tries to help make an injury victim more complete by compensating that victim for the pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life that the victim endured.

Injury victims rebuild their lives after suffering a long-term disability by using compensation to help them cope with new challenges. Making a home accessible for a wheelchair or acquiring a hand-operated vehicle restores a victim’s mobility. Hiring a home health aide makes it possible to perform the ordinary tasks of daily living. Speech therapists and tutors help brain injury victims maximize their potential.

How Does Tobin Injury Law Help Families When a Truck Accident Victim Dies?

When a truck accident is fatal, our Snellville wrongful death attorneys help families rebuild by obtaining compensation to replace the income and services that they depended upon a family member to provide. Our Georgia Wrongful Death Law FAQ explains who can bring a wrongful death claim and how wrongful death compensation is distributed.

Wrongful death compensation in Georgia is measured by the full value of the victim’s life. Substantial payments of compensation send a message that lives have value and act as a deterrent against breaking rules that protect Georgians from negligent truck drivers and the companies that willingly hire the drivers.

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We are dedicated to helping truck collision victims obtain full compensation for their injuries. Our experience and reputation as Gwinnett trial lawyers ensure that insurance companies take our truck accident law firm seriously. Insurance companies are aware of success in jury trials. They know we can’t be bullied into accepting an unfair settlement.

Satisfied clients and other lawyers refer cases to our firm because they know we will do everything we can to help injury victims rebuild their lives. Our truck accident injury team is available to answer questions any time of the day or night. Email us, call us at (678) 263-3733, or tell us about your accident by submitting our online contact form. We offer free consultations in every case.