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Snellville Motorcycle Accident LawyersIn March 2019 a motorcycle rider on the Scenic Highway swerved to avoid an oncoming car that had made a sudden left turn into a business parking lot. The motorcyclist wrecked,  but the operator of the motorcycle would have survived the accident if it had not been for another vehicle that was following too close behind him. That accident exemplifies the risk of injury and death faced by motorcycle riders in Gwinnett County. A left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle is the number one cause of motorcycle crashes. Tailgating drivers pose the second-highest danger. Our Snellville motorcycle accident attorney believes that all motorcycle collisions are preventable.

We help motorcycle accident victims rebuild their lives when they are injured by negligent drivers. We also help grieving families find justice after they suffer an immeasurable loss.

Who Is Responsible for a Gwinnett County Motorcycle Accident?

Most motorcycle drivers practice defensive driving. Yes, there are those drivers who drive fast and loose, but overall most motorcycle drivers take their driving rights responsibly. The cause of most motorcycle collisions is negligent driving by car drivers. Turning left in front of an oncoming motorcycle is an act of negligence. Tailgating is another act of negligence. Running a red light, texting instead of watching the road, and changing lanes without checking the driver’s blind spot are all examples of negligence.

Drivers of sedans are not the only cause of motorcycle accidents. Sometimes it’s a combination of the car driver’s negligence and the motorcycle driver’s negligence that leads to an accident. When that happens, Georgia law allows a motorcyclist who was less than 50% negligent, or at fault, to recover compensation in proportion to the rider’s share of fault. For instance, if a motorcycle rider was driving too fast but another driver who was following the motorcycle rider was driving drunk, then conceivably the motorcycle rider may be found to be 25% at fault and the drunk driver may be found 75% at fault. In that scenario, the motorcycle rider would recover 75% of the compensation he won. Hiring a knowledgeable Snellville motorcycle accident lawyer who knows the laws and how to track down the right evidence can make a significant difference in a case.

What Kinds of Snellville Motorcycle Accidents Does Tobin Injury Law Handle?

We represent clients who are seriously injured. While drivers of sedans and trucks are encased by a steel cage and protected by airbags, motorcyclists have the absolute bare minimum: a helmet. Helmets save lives and leather jackets protect against extreme road rash, but even the best gear cannot prevent serious injuries when a car and motorcycle collide.

Traumatic brain injuries, paralysis, and crushed organs are among the most devastating consequences of a motorcycle crash. Dental injuries, facial scarring, broken bones, and joint damage are common motorcycle crash injuries that often require long-term treatment. We have helped riders who have experienced these exact injuries.

Hospital and medical bills pile up after a motorcycle collision, creating unmanageable debt. Disabling injuries cause wage loss and may deprive injury victims of the ability to return to work. Injury compensation helps motorcyclists rebuild their financial security.

All serious injuries cause emotional trauma as well as pain and suffering. Compensation helps motorcycle accident victims overcome depression and anxiety by improving the quality of their lives. We help motorcyclists rebuild a satisfying and meaningful life after suffering from traumatic injuries.

When a motorcycle rider dies because of a driver’s negligence, our Snellville personal injury lawyers help families recover the full value of the victim’s life. Our Georgia Wrongful Death Law FAQ explains how family members bring and share wrongful death claims.

Why Choose Tobin Injury Law?

Motorcycle accident claims are challenging. Most jurors drive cars, and most jurors are inherently biased against motorcycle riders. Few people have ever ridden a motorcycle. Some jurors shift blame to the motorcycle rider even when that blame is unwarranted. Insurance companies and their lawyers play upon those stereotypes. We fight back. We hire the right experts and bring the right witnesses to explain why our clients should not be blamed for something that they did not do wrong.

Darren Tobin and his team of Snellville motorcycle collision attorneys understand that motorcycle riders come from all walks of life. We use our knowledge and experience to share with juries that our clients are decent, responsible people. We know how to make jurors see our clients as individuals, not as stereotypes.

We stand up to insurance adjusters who try to avoid paying full compensation for motorcycle accident injuries. Our lawyers are not afraid to take cases to trial. Because we have a track record of success, insurance companies usually settle the claims that our firm brings. When insurance companies refuse to do what is right and pay a fair settlement, we trust Georgia juries to do the right thing.

Contact a Snellville Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Tobin Injury Law

After an accident, get treatment. Focus on your body and your healing. What you should never do is agree to speak with an insurance company representative. Insurance adjusters try to take statements from motorcycle riders way too soon. Adjusters often take statements before accident victims really have time to reflect and reconstruct the important details about the accident. Giving a recorded statement when you do not need to, can hurt your chance to obtain full compensation because there is a likelihood that you will give an incomplete statement or misinterpret a confusing question.

Our Snellville motorcycle accident attorney offers free legal advice, so it is in your interest to speak with us for free before you speak with an insurance company. We can advise you on how to deal with insurance adjusters. We also offer advice about important steps you should consider taking to ensure you maximize your compensation.

To learn more about how we help motorcycle crash victims, contact us at (678) 263-3733 or tell us about your accident by using our online contact form. We are available 24/7 to answer your questions.