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johns-creek-car accident-attorneysMore than half of the traffic in Johns Creek passes through to other destinations. Drivers trying to avoid gridlock on I-285, I-85, and Highway 400 cut through Johns Creek. Unfortunately, more traffic means more car accidents. Johns Creek has seen more than its share of serious car accidents on Old Alabama Road, Jones Bridge Road, Medlock Bridge Road, and McGinnis Ferry Road. While Johns Creek and Duluth continue to explore joint plans to improve safety, car accidents continue to imperil bicyclists, pedestrians, and drivers in both cities. Car accident victims in Johns Creek, Roswell, Alpharetta, and surrounding communities are entitled to compensation for injuries caused by negligent drivers. To obtain the compensation they deserve, serious injury victims turn to the Johns Creek car accident attorney team at Tobin Injury Law.

Why Should a Johns Creek Car Accident Victim Hire Tobin Injury Law?

Injury victims are entitled to compensation when their injuries are caused by another driver’s negligent driving. Negligence means carelessness. Failing to yield at intersections, running red lights, texting while driving, and drifting into a lane of oncoming traffic are examples of negligence.  A good car accident lawyer knows which laws apply and how to prove negligence.

In some cases, a jury is allowed to award “punitive damages” as extra compensation when a driver’s unusually dangerous conduct causes an accident.  A good Johns Creek personal injury attorney will interview witnesses, talk with medical providers, meet with the police officer who responded to the car crash, and gather evidence to prove if a negligent driver was more than just negligent.

Our Johns Creek car accident lawyers spend as much time as it takes to understand how a negligent driver has affected the life of our client. We keep our caseload small.  We do that so that we can spend as much time as it takes with each and every one of our clients so that we know our clients’ cases better than anyone else.

Our success in court-winning trials gives us an advantage over other lawyers you see on television and on billboards.  Our trial experience enables us to take cases to trial is insurance companies and their adjusters don’t settle for a fair settlement.  Unfortunately, insurance companies often refuse to pay fair compensation to injured drivers. Insurance adjusters are often paid a bonus when they settle a claim for less than its full value. Insurance adjusters have an incentive to delay, mislead, and wear down injury victims so that they will accept a smaller settlement than they deserve.

Our Johns Creek car accident attorney team has years of experience negotiating with insurance adjusters and know when an insurance company is lowballing. In those situations when an insurance company doesn’t want to pay what is fair and just, our team doesn’t just lay down.  We file cases every week throughout Georgia on behalf of injured drivers.

Our personal injury lawyers in Johns Creek aren’t intimidated by big insurance companies. We know that juries are the great equalizer in our system of justice. If an insurance company refuses to pay a fair settlement, we aren’t afraid to let a jury decide what is a fair award.

Being 4th on the highest car accident fatality rate in the nation, Darren Tobin makes sure you get the best representation possible. With such a high need for a Johns Creek car accident lawyer, you can count on Tobin Injury Law.

However, it is quite uncommon that our clients are offered lowball settlements.  The reason is that our personal injury firm has a successful win record with Georgia juries, and so most insurance companies don’t want to play games with our lawyers.

What Does Tobin Injury Law Do to Help Car Accident Victims?

The number one priority of our Johns Creek car accident lawyers is to help injury victims rebuild their lives. We help accident victims get the compensation they need to recover physically, financially, and emotionally from their injuries.  We truly do everything we can to help our clients as they rebuild after an accident.

Physical recovery from serious injuries requires time and medical care. Some injuries require long-term treatment. Some require repeat surgeries. Accident compensation makes it possible for injury victims to obtain the medical care they need to heal.

Car accident injuries can quickly deplete family savings. Paying hospital bills may not be possible when injuries prevent an accident victim from working. Accident compensation helps families rebuild their financial security by paying medical bills and replacing lost income.

When injuries are disabling, injury compensation helps accident victims cope with their disabilities. Compensation pays for home health aides, vocational rehabilitation, and the cost of remodeling a home to accommodate a wheelchair. Rebuilding your life after a disabling injury means restoring as much mobility and independence as possible. Our Johns Creek car accident lawyer team works hard to make sure that the men, women, and children we help get everything they need to help rebuild.

We know that serious injuries are emotionally traumatic. The inability to resume normal activities with family and friends leads to depression, anguish, and stress. Many injured motorists develop some level of posttraumatic stress.  Rebuilding a life includes restoring emotional well-being. Injury victims use compensation for pain and suffering to improve the quality of their lives. In that way, compensation promotes emotional healing.

When accident injuries take lives, our Johns Creek wrongful death lawyers help families obtain the compensation they need to get their lives back on track. We work with spouses and other surviving family members to assure that they receive the compensation their lost loved one would want them to have.

What Johns Creek Car Accident Cases Does Tobin Injury Law Handle?

Our Johns Creek car accident law firm chooses to help seriously injured clients who will benefit most from representation by experienced personal injury lawyers. We do not take on many cases.  We manage our small caseload so that we can give our clients the personal attention they deserve.  Our attitude is that if you choose to hire us and we choose to represent you, then you should have direct access to us every day.

Some of our clients have been catastrophically injured. In cases where there is brain damage or severe life-altering injury, we hire the best experts to help explain to insurance companies and juries what that injury means and what compensation is needed to help with that injury.  We bring those experts to trial when we need to.

We are also committed to making all of Georgia safer.  Drunk drivers have no right to get behind the wheel.  Our Johns Creek lawyers file cases against drunk drivers and pursue punitive damage against those drivers because we want to send a message that driving drunk is never acceptable.

Contact Tobin Injury Law To Speak To A Johns Creek Car Accident Lawyer

Never speak to an insurance adjuster without getting legal advice first. Giving the wrong answer to a confusing question can harm your ability to get full compensation for your injuries. After you take care of your emergency medical needs, contact a Johns Creek car accident lawyer at Tobin Injury Law.  We don’t charge a fee to answer your questions.  To learn how we can help you and your family after an accident, call us at (678) 566-4006  or submit a question by using our online contact form.