Insurance Policy

How to Recover Attorney Fees in a Personal Injury Lawsuit Under OCGA Section 13-6-11

A Georgia court was asked to rule on litigation expenses in a personal injury action. The expenses of litigation typically aren’t allowed as part of the damages awarded to a plaintiff, but if a jury finds that the defendant acted in bad faith, it’s permitted. The jury should determine from the evidence the expense if… read more

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Driving Safely Behind a Tractor

What’s a Safe Distance to Follow Behind a Semi? Did you know that the average stopping distance for a loaded tractor-trailer moving at 55 mph (in ideal conditions) is about 200 feet? Compare that with around 130 feet for a passenger vehicle. That 70-foot difference is significant and could be the difference between life and… read more

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Does an Insurance Policy Cover Three Collisions in One “Accident”?

Does an Insurance Policy Cover Three Collisions in One “Accident”? Every vehicle that drives on Georgia roadways has insurance. That’s a rule and anyone who drives in Georgia without insurance, will be arrested. But what happens when there isn’t enough insurance? Ask an experienced Atlanta accident lawyer after you read the below. In December 2016,… read more

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