Amaia O’Mahony

Amaia is originally from Boise, Idaho and recently moved to Atlanta with her fiancé in 2020. She graduated from Boise State University with a B.A. in Spanish Literature and a Minor in Refugee Studies. Amaia was exposed to Spanish (and Basque) as a child given her Basque heritage and the very present Basque community in Boise which explains how she is bilingual. This is what initially drew Amaia to studying Spanish literature, but it was her love of Latin American and the Iberic Peninsula’s history that kept her inspired and motivated.

During Amaia’s second year at BSU, the university launched its refugee studies minor program, and Amaia had the opportunity to be in the first class to graduate with this minor. During college, Amaia volunteered at the English Learning Center where she taught English to refugees.

After she graduated from Boise State University, she began volunteering with Immigrant Justice in Idaho as a translator and interpreter. This was Amaia’s first real experience with law. Prior to joining Tobin Injury Law, Amaia worked as a paralegal in Boise at a law firm that practiced personal injury law, criminal defense law, and family law.

Outside of work, Amaia has many hobbies. She is an avid adventurer—having visited twenty-six countries on four continents and twenty US states—and is a big fan of yoga and pilates. On her days off she enjoys thrift shopping, getting a workout in, hanging out with her fiancé and their cat Finnbar, and trying new restaurants and exploring new areas of Georgia.

You can reach Amaia at