Raquel Howard

Raquel is originally from Nashville, Tennessee, but grew up (for the most part) in Kalamazoo, Michigan. After finishing high school in Michigan, she returned to Nashville to attend Vanderbilt University for her undergraduate studies.  After graduating with her degree in East Asian Studies, she worked for Vanderbilt University in the University’s affirmative action office.

With two years of work experience at Vanderbilt under her belt, Raquel moved to Minneapolis to attend the University of Minnesota School of Law.  (Raquel likes to remind Darren that her alma mater, the University of Minnesota School of Law, is ranked with Darren’s alma mater, the University of Georgia School of Law, in the top 20 law schools in the country!)  After surviving the freezing temperatures in Minnesota for three years, Raquel decided that she’d had enough of the cold and moved to Atlanta for the warmer seasons.

Raquel is a seasoned paralegal who pays close to attention to the details.

When Raquel isn’t helping clients, she enjoys podcasting, cooking, spending time with friends, enjoying Atlanta’s thriving culinary scene, and cuddling with her cat. You can reach Raquel at raquel@tobininjurylaw.com.