Vehicles v Pedestrians

Did you know that Georgia has one of the highest pedestrian fatality rates in the entire United States?

Research shows that trucks and sport utility vehicles with hood heights greater than 40 inches are roughly 45% more likely to cause fatalities in pedestrian crashes than shorter vehicles with sloped hoods.

That’s according to new research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Tall, squared-up hoods are signatures of some of the best-selling and most profitable vehicles sold in the U.S., such as Ford Super Duty pickups, the Cadillac Escalades, and other large SUVs.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety study found that vehicles that are tall and blunt, such as a large pickup truck, are 43.6% more likely to cause death in a collision with a pedestrian. Vehicles with tall and sloped hoods are 45% more likely to cause a pedestrian fatality, while medium-height vehicles with blunt front ends, such as a Mazda CX-9 SUV or a Chevrolet Colorado pickup, are nearly 26% more likely to kill a pedestrian, the Institute found.

Earlier studies have shown SUVs and pickups are associated with higher fatality risks in pedestrian crashes. However, the new study looked at the risks posed by vehicles with hoods taller than 40 inches using data from nearly 18,000 crashes.

The rise in pedestrian deaths has outpaced the increase in overall U.S. traffic deaths since the easing of pandemic lockdowns. The number of pedestrians killed in 2021 increased 13% to 7,342—that’s the highest since 1981.

How Safe is Georgia?

The latest data from the Governors Highway Safety Association say that Georgia’s pedestrian fatalities went up by 57.8% from January-June 2019 to January-June 2022. The GDOT also notes that 84% of pedestrian deaths happen overnight, and 95% occur outside a crosswalk.

Also, researchers note that the crashes don’t always occur at high speeds. According to GDOT, nine out of 10 people will die when struck by a car going just 40 miles per hour.

A local organization, Propel ATL, believes that Georgia is one of the worst states when it comes to safety for pedestrians along the roads. Executive Director Rebecca Serna remarked that in Atlanta, bicyclists and pedestrians make up less than 2% of all crashes, but over 12% of fatal and serious injury crashes. This issue is especially bad in Atlanta, says Propel ATL.

“The way that a lot of our streets in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia have been designed in the last 50 years have been very much about how we can get cars through here as fast as possible. Less than 10% of our streets account for 73% of fatal and serious injury crashes,” she said.

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