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How’s Bad is the Traffic in Atlanta?

It’s bad. Can you believe that motorists in the Atlanta metro area lose about 53 hours every year to congestion?

And according to a recent study, that gives Georgia’s capital a spot in the Top Ten U.S. cities with the worst traffic.

Where Does Atlanta Rank in the US?

The city of Atlanta has earned the 10th spot on the list. Atlanta is home to over six million people. Of those six million people, over three-quarters drive to and from work each day, either alone or in a carpool. That means that millions of drivers take to Atlanta’s complex freeway system each day, leading to frequent delays and traffic jams.

According to the 2021 Global Traffic Scorecard, a comprehensive international study of traffic trends, Atlanta traffic is the 10th worst in the United States. The 53 hours that the average Atlanta driver loses to congestion each year cost them each $820.

Why is Atlanta’s Traffic So Bad?

Traffic congestion is caused by many factors, including the following:

  • The city’s overall population;
  • The quality of infrastructure; and
  • The driving habits of residents.

A major reason why Atlanta ranks so high among cities with terrible traffic is our long commutes. Although Atlanta’s population lists it in the top ten US metropolitan areas, it’s not a very dense city. There are only 3,924 people per square mile. As a result, there are quite a number of Atlanta motorists who make long commutes across the metropolitan area. This leads to serious traffic problems.

In 2019, more than 20% of Atlanta commuters traveled 90 minutes or more to get to work each day. This ups the chances of accidents, congestion, and serious delays.

Where are the Major Chokepoints in the Atlanta Metro?

There are two huge pain points on Atlanta highways:

  • The Downtown Connector. The 7.5-mile stretch where I-75 and I-85 meet is known as one of the worst bottlenecks in the U.S. Counterintuitive exit directions, multiple lane changes, and tight weaves around the Grady Curve make the Downtown Connector a major hotspot for traffic delays and accidents.
  • Spaghetti Junction. This is another major chokepoint for Atlanta traffic. This is a flyover highway interchange at the intersection of I-85 and I-285 where research has shown major delays for semi trucks is as bad as any in the nation.

How Were the Roads Over New Year’s?

The New Year’s holiday travel period produced some stark statistics around Georgia, according to the State Patrol. GSP said in a release on December 29th that 18 people died in wrecks from the period starting Friday night (Dec. 30) at 6 p.m. to the end of Monday (January 2nd) right before midnight.

Additionally, according to GSP, there were 330 DUI arrests around the state, 400 crashes resulting in more than 200 injuries, and more than 7,000 citations and 8,500 warnings to drivers.

“This year’s fatal crashes slightly increased from the 2021 New Year’s Day travel period when 16 deaths stemmed from 14 fatal crashes. Currently, it is too soon to determine why the number of fatalities and fatality crashes rose this year; however, Troopers heavily patrol the roadways during the New Year’s Day travel period, with the goal of reducing fatalities. Variables such as the number of drivers traveling this year, weather, the economy, and other factors impact each year’s final fatality and crash numbers,” a state patrol release said.

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