Our Law Firm is Open and Very Much Working For You!

On behalf of everyone at the firm, we wanted to personally post this update to share with you  our law firm’s operations and response to the coronavirus pandemic in light of the state of emergency declared by governmental authorities, the closure of many businesses and other institutions, and the cancellation of schools, sporting events and similar large gatherings.

Promoting YOUR health, our health, and the health of the broader community – while continuing to provide you with aggressive legal representation at the highest level – is our firm’s top priority. We are open and continue to serve every one of you – our valued clients. 

Years ago when we started this law firm we went wireless, immediately.  That means that while we have instituted a remote work policy for the firm, it isn’t a novel concept for us.  Every one of us, from paralegal to receptionist to attorney is online, accessible, and has your files at our fingertips.  That’s right – we have access to your files because they are already securely online in a locked-down protected vault which we had access to the day you hired us.  That’s important because for you it means that your legal team has robust remote working capabilities; can respond to your questions immediately; and can continue to work for you uninterrupted and unimpeded.

We understand that you also are responding to current events, and that you may need us to alter how we work and communicate with you. Please know that we will work collaboratively with you as a team to accommodate your needs.

Please remember that so much is out of our control.  For example, the courts are basically shut down which means no jury trials; no hearings; depositions are going to be pushed; and cases are going to be delayed. But that does not mean that your case is stopping or that we are not working for you.  Please continue, to the extent you are able, to get treatment and focus on your recovery. If you have doctor appointments, to the extent you can, try and keep them.  Keeping that in mind, please know you can reach out to us ANY TIME you want to talk about your case, your family, or hear what is happening with your case.

Like you, we will continue to monitor the situation closely, and we are prepared to react as quickly as necessary to protect everyone.

Best regards and Gd bless.

Darren Tobin and Everyone here at Tobin Injury Law