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Daesik Shin

Daesik was born in South Korea and later moved to California with his family when he was about ten years old. While growing up, Daesik continued to speak English and Korean; consequently, he is fluent in both languages.  He attended elementary, middle, and high school in California, and then moved back to Korea with his family.  Daesik studied Biochemistry at one of the most prestigious universities in Seoul, Korea—Yonsei University.

After he graduated, he served as a Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army, specializing in interpretation and translation.  He served with honor until he was honorably discharged as a sergeant. While working with the supervising U.S. Army liaison officer, Daesik helped the American and Korean soldiers communicate and work towards the common goal of preserving democracy. He learned the importance of effective communication in establishing and maintaining relationships. He then attended Georgia State University College of Law where he earned accolades from his professors for his exceptional writing and research skills, earning distinction for his research and writing. Now, as a civilian and attorney, he strives to help those who have been injured gain access to justice and recovery for their injuries, applying the same understanding of effective communication that he gained in the military.

Daesik has tried hundreds of cases and has a significant amount of courtroom experience. While in law school at Georgia State University College of Law, Daesik interned at the Fulton County Solicitor General’s Office and Gwinnett County Solicitor’s Office where he learned the art of courtroom battle.

Korean Speaking Personal Injury Lawyer GeorgiaLike Darren, Daesik is a reformed family law attorney. He represented hundreds of clients in the field of family law before he realized his calling was helping injured victims. In addition to his courtroom skills, Daesik is a gifted writer and helps research and write much of the Firm’s briefs and motions.

Daesik prides himself on his honest, straightforward talk. If a case should settle, Daesik will help get the case resolved as fast as he can. If a case should settle, but the insurance company doesn’t do the right thing, Daesik welcomes the challenge and prepares for trial with Darren. Daesik and Darren share the same core values including the philosophy that clients should be treated as individuals; not files.

When he is not helping a client or mapping out the best plan for a case, Daesik enjoys spending time with his wife. Some of his hobbies include cooking, hiking, and working out. To consult with Daesik about your case, please email him at

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